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Default Tutorial : How to make normal sim a creature with SimPE and vice versa (you can cure a zombie too)
This is my first time writing a tutorial, so please bare with me

First, you need the appropriate expansion for the creature you choose, for example, you still can't have vampire if you don't have nightlife

1. Back up your neighborhood, it shouldn't mess up your neighborhood, but back it up just in case.

2. Open SimPE, I'm using the latest version, 0.62.1

3. Open the neighborhood browser, select the neighborhood where the sim you want to change resides.

4. Wait until it fully loads, then select your sim from Sim Description, the plugin view tab should show your sim's info now.

5. Click More --> Extended Browser, find 000000B4: PersonData Flags 1, make sure the hexadecimal option is selected and change the value to one of these:

zombie --> 0x1
vampire --> 0xc
werewolf --> 0x20
plantsim --> 0x100

To cure a zombie or other creatures, just enter the normal sim value which is 0x0, your zombie should be back into a normal sim

6. Save all changes then close SimPE 7. Load the game and go into your sim's lot, there are 3 possibilities :

- you sim has become a creature, they walk like one, they sound like one and they look like one. If yours is like this, then congrats, you're done!
- your sim now acts like your preferred creature, but still looks normal. to fix this, open the cheat box and close it right away (ctrl+shift+c
then esc), this should do it.
- your sim looks like a creature, and maybe sounds like one, but still walks normally. To fix this, use boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and force error on your sim, then click reset.

8. OPTIONAL -- You could also make a memory in SimPE so that they have the memory of "became a xx"

That's all, if you have any question, feel free to ask
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servo --> 0x10

I've just checked the servos code in SimPE and their code was --> 0x10, so unless this is a joke, and it would have to be a terrible joke if it is, then that means that 0x10 is the value for servos.

I am aware that this is an ancient thread. I just thought I'd point this out.
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I actually tried this method and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much. Now I have baby vampires, werewolves and witches... though this method doesn't give the kiddie sims the characteristics of an adult supernatural creature. They would have to wait until they become teens. However, when they reach the child stage they begin to show some features especially when you click on something and their face appears.

To add though, this method does not work completely to create a witch. The code for a witch is 0x400, but you'll also have to put a witch token on the inventory of the chosen sim. In my case, I just copied the token of an existing witch in my hood then pasted it on the soon-to-be witch. :D
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