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Default The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge
Before I got the Sims 3 and was playing the Sims 2, I remember that one of my favourite challenges was the Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge. I was saddened that when I looked for a Sims 3 version of the challenge, I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make my own version, based on the original challenge by PA Vicky. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, the basis of the challenge is to make a Bachelor/Bachelorette sim (can be a male or female - your choice) and then to make 7 eligible singles in one household. Then, through process of elimination, your Bachelor/Bachelorette will find the love of their life. The challenge will last a total of 7 days (one day per single eliminated, and the last day for the marriage) and ends with the sim and the lucky winner getting married. After that, what their life will be like together is up to you!

Steps to Begin the Challenge:
1. Create your Bachelor/Bachelorette. You can make them male or female, beautiful or ugly, nice or mean, it is your choice! That is one of the nice things about this challenge – the creative elements are endless! I would make him/her a young adult, but, like everything else, it is up to you!
2. Create your eligible singles. Try to make them as diverse as possible; you want your sim to have many options to choose from!
*Note*: There are to be NO existing relationships between ANY of the sims involved in the challenge! When you move them into the house, use the “testingcheatsenabled true” cheat to set all of the sims relationships with the residents to 0. Other than that and when you “motherlode” for the house, no cheats are allowed.
3. Move them into a house. You can download a house, or create one yourself. Motherlode as much as you want! After all, this challenge is being run by a very wealthy television studio; money is no object! Some things you will need in your house: one bedroom for your bachelor/bachelorette, one bedroom for the 7 singles, a date room, 5 chess tables, and a room with a stereo. A buffet table is helpful.

Now you are ready to start the challenge! The concept is fairly simple; the object of the challenge is to find the Bachelor/Bachelorette’s true love in the 7 sims presented. Every day, the Bachelor/Bachelorette will go on a “date” within the house with each of the single sims. The “date” activities will change per day. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is to have no user-controlled social interactions with any of the single sims except on dates. There is NO WOOHOO ALLOWED until the challenge is over! The sims are also not allowed to leave the house OR have social interactions with anyone who lives outside the house.

Eliminations are to be done at exactly 12pm on every challenge day. The eliminated single will be the sim that has the lowest relationship with the Bachelor/Bachelorette on the given day. The eliminated single is to move out of the house immediately and there is to be no other contact made with the single for the duration of the challenge. In the case of a tie, pick one of the other single sims and check their relationship with the tied sims. Whoever is liked the best by the sim stays. You cannot use the same sim to check friendships more than once.

Day by Day:
Day 1: After moving them into the house, just allow the sims to mingle and chat among themselves. If they seem to be a little slow, initiate a few interactions between the Bachelor/Bachelorette and the singles. Try to keep it fair for all.
Day 2: At 12pm, the single sim with the lowest relationship with the Bachelor/Bachelorette moves out immediately. After, it’s time for the group dates! Put your Bachelor/Bachelorette sim in the room with the stereo and turn it on. Pause the game. Select all of the single sims and select “Dance Together” with him/her. Play the game. From there on, it’s a race! The first one there gets to dance with him/her; the others can dance among themselves. Do that for two or three hours, and after that, it’s the one on one dates. Have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do the “Chat” interaction with each single sim once.
Day 3: Before the elimination, have the Bachelor/Bachelorette do one “Flirt” interaction with all of the single sims. 12pm: Move out time! The single sim with the lowest relationship moves out immediately. After the move-out, it’s time for another group date! It’s pretty much the same as the dance date the day before, except there is only 5 sims today! Then it’s time for chess dates! Make all of your single sims play chess, and have your Bachelor/Bachelorette join them for about an hour each.
Day 4: Before the elimination, have the Bachelor/Bachelorette do two “Flirt” interactions with all of the single sims. 12pm: Kick out the unlucky single with the lowest score. Group date time. Yes, it’s another dance date! You know the drill by now! After a couple of hours dancing, have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do three “Friendly” interactions of your choice with all the single sims. Keep it fair, though!
Day 5: Before noon, have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do 3 romantic interactions with all of your single sims. 12pm: Move out the sim with the lowest relationship. Group Dance Date! After the group date, have your Bachelor/Bachelorette try to do enough romantic interactions to get the “Confess Attraction” and “First Kiss” and try to do both, with all single sims.
Day 6: Before noon, have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do 4 romantic interactions with each single sim. 12pm: Elimination and the Last Group Dance Date! Have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do enough romantic interactions with the two remaining singles to get the “Make-out” interaction.
Day 7 (Last Day!!!): Before the last elimination, have your Bachelor/Bachelorette do 3 last romantic interactions with the singles. And the winner is.......

This is a good challenge, but you must be careful! Before doing any romantic interactions, you must make sure that the other singles aren’t near enough to get jealous (you can avoid this by using the “No Jealousy” lifetime wish) and ruin the challenge. Also, while testing the challenge, I noticed that the relationships in the Sims 3 grow slower than the relationships in the Sims 2, so you might have to throw in a few extra interactions to supplement the relationships.

So have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to make the challenge your own!
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this looks really good. the only problem i was thinking about was how i think a week would go by really fast. but it should never get boring this way. :p

i'm definitely going to try it out, though. thanks.

edit/ i don't mean to bother you, but do you think you could upload some rather unique bachelors/bachelorettes to this thread? the weirdest thing happened when i was creating person #4 (which took forever up to that point, because i'm really picky and choosy when creating sims) and the weirdest thing happened. my game minimized and crashed. i'm still trying to figure out why that is, but meanwhile it would really help if you maybe uploaded some of the sims you've tried the challenge with?

you honestly don't have to, but it would be really helpful.
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Of course! I can totally do that! As soon as I've singled out some of my favourites from my test, I can surely upload them. You don't mind if they're uploaded on the Exchange, right? And then I'll post the link here.
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Ok, so here are some of my favourite/unique singles and my Bachelorette from my Challenge test.

Harry Nott
[IMG]Harry Nott.jpg[/IMG]

Light Sleeper

Link to Harry Nott download

Will Dough
[IMG]Will Dough.jpg[/IMG]

Good Sense Of Humor
Commitment Issues
Easily Impressed

Link to Will Dough download

Darius Getti
[IMG]Darius Getti.jpg[/IMG]

Dislikes Children
Loves The Outdoors

Link to Darius Gett download

Frank Jenkins
[IMG]Frank Jenkins.jpg[/IMG]

Never Nude

Link to Frank Jenkins download

Celeste James
[IMG]Celeste James.jpg[/IMG]

Hopeless Romantic
Great Kisser

Link to Celeste James download
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It must be a bit more difficult for Will Dough, huh?
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thank you so much! i'm going to download them.
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i think for more fun i'm going to create the Bachelor (you know, choosing hair color, eye color, traits...) and randomize the contestants! that way i don't know what they will look like, or act like.
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That's what I did as well for most of the singles. Of course, if they were dead ugly I didn't use them. I'm not going to subject my poor Bachelorette to that kind of torture :P
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since relationships grow slower, i get her away from the one she's talking to (so she won't keep talking to them -.-) and leave her out in the open on free will, it's her choice to flirt and chat and it's the contestants chice whether to get a head-start or not (one dude kept scaring her, all day long, scare after scare, can you guess who went home that day? -.-).

(EDIT): you said no woohoo during challenge, how about as a reward the first thing the bachelor/bachelorette does with the winner is woohoo? just a thought.
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This is awesome! I did the Bachelor challenge a couple of times with the Sims 2, but never uploaded them. This is amazing how you implemented it. Of course, now that we have hot tubs again with Late Night, care to edit some of the challenges for the hot tub dates. I loved that part of the challenge.

"Seriously... what the he**? I'm not going to dig graves for all of you. Okay, now what will I do with all of these corpses? Oh, there's a fire and I've fallen into a hole. Not my problem anymore!" (From MaskedHuzzah's Dragon Warrior III Let's Play)
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Default Great Challenge!
I haven't played a challenge before, so I was looking for one that looked short, fun, and required something I hadn't done before. This fit the bill - I usually fill my sims with great traits that match what they're going to do, and then I am very directive with them. For this challenge I created my bachelorette to my liking, but all the guys were random everything - whatever look came up I accepted. I gave them a name, randomized their traits, and picked one of the five Lifetime Wishes at random, without reading through them.

My Sims:

Cassie Faraday - Great Kisser, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic, Ambitious. Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

Single Guys:
Glen Norris - Technophobe, Vegetarian, Hot-Headed, Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer. Lifetime Wish: Chess Legend

Fernando Winters - Adventurous, Virtuoso, Bookworm, Easily Impressed, Evil. Lifetime Wish: Emperor of the Free World

Jared Summers - Vehicle Enthusiast, Genius, Charismatic, Heavy Sleeper, Computer Whiz. Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer

Jerry Jones - Great Kisser, Savvy Sculptor, Virtuoso, Schmoozer, Frugal. Lifetime Wish - Hit Movie Composer

Kevin Smith - Over-emotional, Can't Stand Art, Vegetarian, Hydrophobic, Evil. Lifetime Wish - Creatre-Robot Cross Breeder

Greg Drummond - Unflirty, Star Quality, Eco-Friendly, Never Nude, Lucky

Rod Perry - Brave, Hates the Outdoors, Vehicle Enthusiast, Heavy Sleeper, Schmoozer. Lifetime Wish: Firefighter Super Hero

I moved the group onto a small lot that I could afford, then used the motherlode cheat to get up to $200k, and moved them to a house big enough to hold them all. I picked a three-bedroom, three-bath, and gave Cassie the smallest room, put three twin beds in the middle-sized room, and four in the largest room. For the most part, I let them do what they wanted that first day, except I did stop them from two things: chatting on the computer and playing computer games. I wanted them to interact.

As soon as they got in the house and got over checking out their new items, Cassie started checking out Fernando. But after a couple of interactions, she broke away and went in to make Autumn salad for the group. After they ate, they interacted with each other, chatting and playing video games. It was a busy day and before long they all went up to bed - except Fernando - he stayed up late playing video games. Maybe he couldn't sleep because he was so excited to be number 1 in Cassie's affections at the end of Day 1. Despite his evil trait, he didn't do or say anything all day that offended anyone! Not so for out other 'evil' candidate, Kevin Smith. Kevin spent most of the day sneaking up behing the others and scaring them. He had wishes come up about being friends with various housemates, but clearly his evil nature gives him no clue about how to do that.

If you're interested in hearing more about how this group proceeded, and who won the challenge, post a reply and let me know you're interested and I'll post more, along with some pics.
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i think i'll try this. it would be cool if we didn't check the others except to stop certain interactions. i love the idea. :-)
#13 Old 13th Jul 2011 at 11:02 PM
Definitely going to try this! Oh the irony that I choose Broken Heart Island to do this!
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anyone have any suggestions for good house downloads to do this in? i generally dont download many houses, so...
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Default I did make one and am already three episodes into the season! Here is the link for it! Go and like it on Facebook!
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Default Keep going with the runner up
I played the bachelor version and created characters to match the actual tv show. He picked Casey B and Elyse was the runner up so I started the house again and used Elyse as the bachelorette and created 7 new bachelors to move in. I think this is a great challenge and i love that i didn't have to download custom or cheats!

I wonder how many rounds I will do?
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I loved this challenge! I played an extended version with each day being an individual date and having group dates on Sundays. It was more lengthy, but I enjoyed seeing who he truly fell in love with.

Also the lesbian couples popping up on the sides made things a bit more, er, interesting than I'd bargained for. xD
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Well I just completed this challenge and things didn't turn out well, everything was going fine till the morning of day 6...........
My bachelorette had finally got passed the confess attraction and first kiss options (which was tricky enough for me) but I didn't realize that sims can see through solid walls and locked doors. One of the underdogs that I was secretly rooting for caught her "cheating" and it was 11.30 so no time to fix it and he moved out. Now my bachelorette rolls wants to become friends with him and go on a date with him it breaks my heart.
Now on the morning of day 7 it was the two remaining contestants were neck to neck until my other favourite underdog discovered he had the ability to see through the ceiling (grrrrr) and caught the bachlorette "cheating".
So the guy everyone caught her cheating with has won, but he always did have the highest relationship throughout the challenge

Brilliant challenge though and thanks for setting the rules out for sims 3
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I just completed my first season of 'The Bachelor'. At the begining i tried playing minimally with my sims so that 'natural' relationships could be developed. Each Sunday a contestant was supposed to be elminated but my bachelor accidently died after the first elmination (oops). Moved in a new bachelor, but after a while it got boring not to interact with my sims, so i thought of the following challenges that the contestants can do to win dates:

- Cooking competition: each contestant cooks the same thing, best is at the same time. then the food is set out on 7 counters (you have to remember which sim made which plate) then you bring a hungry bachelor in the room and he chooses a meal. the person who created that meal wins a date. my sims where allowed to leave the house for a romantic picnic in the park.

- BBQ competition: same as cooking competition.

- Gnubb competition: choose two sims to play gnubb against each other, the winner moves to the next round where they have to play another contestant. continue this until you have the ultimate winner, this person wins a date.

At the final stages, with only two sims left, i looked the bachelor with each sim seperately in a big room (which had all the neccesities), sims spent 24hrs together to foster relationships.

The contestants i developed where based on the following characteristics: nerdy, sporty, popular, sl*ty, diva, eccentric/wierd. And can you imagine, the popular girl won...
I also had a host living in the house, but after a while he got creepy and i started hating him. but its an idea if you are interested....
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I randomised star signs, but I picked appearance and traits. I deliberately gave some of my singles negative/dramatic traits to make it more like a reality show with actual conflict. Because it's how these shows usually are, I made all my sims young, slim and attractive

My Bachelor
Pierre Stamper (Taurus)
  • Charismatic
  • Friendly
  • Easily Impressed
  • Great Kisser
  • Irrisistable

My singles
Susana Cleary (Leo)
She hopes to find her prince charming.
LTW: Surrounded by family
  • Family Oriented
  • Good
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Nurturing
  • Friendly
Eva Paige (Gemini)
Her style icons include Betty Paige and Dita Von Teese.
LTW: Perfect mind, perfect body
  • Flirty
  • Bookworm
  • Perfectionist
  • Athletic
  • Artistic
Anna Sheppard (Aries)
She is cute, fun and sees no reason to 'grow up.'
LTW: The Fairy Tale Finder
  • Childish
  • Over-Emotional
  • Excitable
  • Animal Lover
  • Dramatic
Aiko Sato (Aries) - I started with a downloaded sim 'modern mulan' and dressed in my own cc. Personality traits were inspired by Disney's Mulan.
She dreams of military success.
LTW: Become an astronaut
  • Brave
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Rebellious
  • Clumsy
  • Athletic
Madison Shepard (Gemini)
Just your stereotypical cute gamer girl.
LTW: Living in the lap of luxury
  • Couch Potato
  • Slob
  • Loner
  • Socially Awkward
  • Computer Whiz
Marta Whitley (Aries)
The princess/drama queen every reality show needs. Her favorite movie is Legally Blonde and she will definitely join a sorority when she goes to university.
LTW: Perfect Student[*]Neurotic[*]Over-Emotional[*]Excitable[*]Genius[*]Dramatic[/list]My seventh single was a snob. She's already eliminated so I can't remember her details.

Day 1 - Sims mingled autonomously with free will set to high. My snobbish single was eliminated.
Day 2 - Sims donned formal wear then raced to dance with Pierre. Susana got the most dances. Aiko was eliminated.
Day 3 - Madison was eliminated.
Day 4 - I did a water balloon fight for the group date. Marta Whitley was eliminated.
Day 5 - Eva Paige was eliminated.
Day 6 - Susana accused Pierre of cheating.
Day 7 - Anna won

I think maybe this challenge is slightly too short for me. I might try making it 2 weeks long. Some of the girls didn't change relationship much from the first day. In future I think I'll mostly pick traits with opposites or negative traits so they aren't all at similar relationship levels. I did the flirt interactions earlier in the day so my sims can sleep normally.
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Starting this challenge tonight! I can't wait!
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*pokes thread*
I wasn't aware that this challenge already existed. I kind of roguely made my own.

In my version, each of the contestants has to share a trait with the primary Sim, the process lasts for five Sim-weeks, and there isn't an elimination until the end, when six suddenly get the boot. At the end, there's a final social event with all the Sims, and whoever stands out wins, while the others get thrown into the world (though they have to have some individual development first, like a few skills and a job.
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