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Sims 3 "Official" Asylum Challenge
I was going through the Sims 3 Challenge List and realized something, we don't have the
Asylum Challenge posted! (Or at least one that has been updated for a very long time.) I
know there are people have posted their variations on the challenge but, not the official
one. But, before I say anything else, I CAN'T say enough how this was NOT mine, and
FULL credit goes to the original author. I'm just the person posting it in another place for
convenience. So without further ado, I present to you the Sims 3 Asylum Challenge!

Downloadable Asylums:


You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goal your psychiatrist has set for you – your Lifetime Wish.

The catch? You need to achieve your goal as quickly as possible, while keeping 7 other patients, who you don't know and are out of your control, alive and as happy as possible. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.

Step One

Create your Sim in CAS. They must be an Adult or Young Adult. You can choose whatever you want for looks, clothing, voice, and favorites. They must have the traits Loser and Insane. The other three can be whatever you want, but you cannot use Brave or Daredevil. Once you have selected all five traits, roll a dice to determine the Lifetime Wish. You must select the wish that corresponds with the number you chose:

If you roll a 6, roll again until you get a number between 1 and 5. If the LTW you roll has to do with marriage/babies/roommates or anything with multiple Sims, such as Gold Digger or Heartbreaker, roll again.

Step Two

Create 7 other Sims. They can be an Adult or Young Adult. Each of them must have the traits Insane, Hates The Outdoors, and Absent-Minded. The other two traits can be anything you want. You cannot have the trait Natural Cook however, as this would make Sims unable to start fires on the stove! You can customize their looks, clothing, voice, and favorites however you want. It doesn't matter what you choose for their LTW, as you won't be playing these seven Sims. Only one out of the eight Sims can have the Kleptomaniac trait, and only one out of the eight Sims can have the Mooch trait. You cannot use Brave or Daredevil.

Step Three

Build the Asylum on a residential lot. You can use money cheats (ex: Motherlode, Kaching) to build it. It can be multiple stories or just one. You choose. There are some restrictions, though:

All objects, excluding plants, décor and lighting must be placed inside of the building.

Custom content is allowed if it is from the Sims Store.

You can have no more than 5 'bed spots'. For example, you could have 5 single beds, or 2 doubles and a single.

There can only be total seating for 6. That includes couches, lounges and chairs. If you have a dining table with 4 chairs then you may not use a couch that seats 3.

You may have only 1 piece of napable furniture (excluding beds), so if you have a couch then you may not have a recliner and vice versa.

Only 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 tub. For the tub you can have a tub or a shower or a tub/shower combo. You cannot have both a tub and a shower unless it is a combo.

You may only have a total of 5 Skill Building items in the house, so choose wisely at the start. Computers, stoves, bookcases, mirrors, and TVs don't count as skill items, but pools and ponds do.

If you want a TV, you must purchase the cheapest one; but no other electronics/entertainment are allowed - no mp3 player, no handheld games, no video games, no pool table, etc. If you choose to get a TV, you cannot have a computer.

You may have a computer, but only one. It must be on a desk with a chair so that it is accessible to any of the patients. You can use this for the writing skill. If you choose to get a computer, you cannot have a TV.

You can have as many phones as you want. But due to the shoddiness of the asylum, no burglar alarm, no smoke detector and no sprinklers.

You must have the cheapest stove. You cannot have more than one.

You can only have one fridge.

Step Four

Your goal is to get out of the Asylum and become a normal citizen of Sunset Valley (or Riverview). To do this, you must complete your Lifetime Wish. Here are the rules of the TS3 Asylum Challenge:

The 8 Sims cannot be related.

You cannot play the other 7 Sims. You can't even click on their picture. They cannot get jobs and they cannot leave the Asylum.

You may only leave the asylum to work or to go get a job. You may also leave to get groceries or go to the book store, but that's all.

You may have other sims visit. You can even date other sims as long as you don't leave the lot.

No maid, no gardener, no repair person, no exterminator. You can not have a baby or move anyone else into the lot even if someone else dies.

If anyone dies (other patients or visitors) you must leave their tombstone on the lot and allow the ghost to roam freely. Congrats, you now have a haunted asylum.

If a patient dies, you must delete 1 bed and 1 seat (until you only have one of each left).

Once you are finished building and furnishing the house, you must reduce your funds to $100. You can do this by purchasing fish and releasing them into water.

You can buy more objects if you have enough money, with the exception of: beds, seating, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, entertainment, skill items, or electronics (except phones).

No rearranging of furniture to reserve or use something for yourself. For example, you can not move the TV into a bedroom and turn it on just to get an uncontrollable patient out of bed so you can sleep in the bed. Nor can you remove a door so others can't gain access to the bathroom so you can use it when you come home from work.

You may not buy any objects that serve any purpose other than décor after beginning the challenge – including surfaces, seating, skill objects. You may buy windows, flooring, wallpaper, pictures, plants, lights and pretty knickknacks after starting. So choose wisely grasshopper. The exceptions being that you may replace stolen or repossessed items as long as you buy the exact same item.

If an uncontrollable Sim gets an opportunity, you must ignore it. However, you can accept opportunities if they are your own Sim (but remember, you can only go to your house, the bookstore, and the grocery shop!)

Each night at 12:00 AM Sim time, you are permitted to pause the game and clear out anything that the inmates have put in their inventories - books, guitars, newspaper, etc. However, you may not take out food, seeds, or any other objects a Kleptomaniac may have received.

You must have the free will set to High Free Will. Sim Lifespan can be whatever you want. Aging must be on.

You can not use your inventory to reserve items for yourself. For example, you can't put a book or guitar in your inventory just so no one else can put it in theirs.

If one of the unplayable Sims wanders off the lot, you don't have to do anything. They will come back eventually since they Hate The Outdoors.

Step Five

When you are scoring, you are allowed to click on the other 7 Sims and look at their information.

+1 per skill point any of the 8 Sims have at the end. Only living Sims count.

+1 per friend any living Sim has, not including any of the 8 Sims you created in Step One or Step Two.

+1 per 1000 Lifetime Aspiration points your Sim has

-1 per day you are in the Asylum. Check this by hovering over the time under your Sims avatar. It will say something like "2 Weeks, 1 day" One week is -7.

-20 per Sim in Step Two that died.

-30 for each visitor that died on the lot.

-1 for each Repoman visit.

Happy Simming!

More Ways To Play

Instead of achieving your LTW to finish the challenge, you can set a money goal. ex: Earn $50,000.

You can have one Sim besides the playable Sim go out to get groceries when needed. Then your main Sim can never leave the house, and will have the Stir Crazy moodlet forever!

Remove all doors leading out of the Asylum. This will be one crazy place!
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Anyone's free to post what they like, make suggestions, give advice or ask questions.
#3 Old 19th Sep 2011 at 5:05 PM
I have always wanted to try this challenge, thanks for bringing it back to my attention!

Cagley Family Legacy (A Random Legacy Challenge)
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Oh, your welcome! That's why I did it after all. I thought it deserved it's righful place on MTS, because it's such a great challenge. Did you think it was fun? I started a long time ago but, my Saves was somehow whiped out, so I never really got the chance.
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I did something like this once but it was a lot less complicated, no dice, and it was more perverted and creepy. I pretty much locked a group of 2 females and 2 males in an asylum, they were all in the same kind of white, asylum clothes with shaved heads, and they had to reproduce with each other and have as many babies as possible, and those babies have babies and etc. O_e It was interesting, to say the least. Lot of jealousy fights.
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I did this challenge back when I was playing TS2 once, I'm not even sure if I finished it as my attention span wasn't quite what it is these days. =) But I do remember it being fun.

I'm a control-freak player, by nature, constantly pausing and making sure everyone is doing ok, so having a challenge where I can't click on other household members is a great step outside my comfort zone! I will definitely revisit this challenge in the future (perhaps after I'm finished with my current Random Legacy challenge).

Cagley Family Legacy (A Random Legacy Challenge)
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Smashed Cat, I never really thought of adding the whole "reproduction" function in the challenge, that might actually be really fun. RedHead Creations, it was really a step out of my comfort too, I'm used to always controlling my sims as well. Have either of you or anybody else already finished this challenge in The Sims 3. I love reading comments guys. =) Does anyone else out there have something hilarious to add to the conversation as well.
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This looks like a fun challenge. I just finished the "Den of Thieves" challenge and now I'm going to try this one.
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This is a very interesting challenge, I never tried challeges before though, could someone tell me exactly what are they for? Do we win something? Everybody can create a challenge? Do we have to post our actions like a diary or something? :-P

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Quote: Originally posted by JuBa_0oº
This is a very interesting challenge, I never tried challeges before though, could someone tell me exactly what are they for? Do we win something? Everybody can create a challenge? Do we have to post our actions like a diary or something? :-P

Challenges are simply just for fun and to play the game a different way then you normally would. Everybody can create a challenge. You do not have to post but other ppl may find your postings interesting.
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So far it's going really well. My Sim (his name's Jorden, I use him for every challenge I attempt to do...I'll try and figure out how to take pictures and post them eventually) is evil and insane, but is on his way to the top of the Science career. I've actually had no problems getting him a full night's sleep every night. Three of the other insane Sims are on a different sleep schedule, so there's always a bed for him. It does get interesting when the other insane Sims break everything though. I swear, not a day goes by that Jorden doesn't have to repair something (which helps with his Handiness skill, which he needs for his job). I considered myself lucky when I had no house fires for fifteen Sim days...then the other Sims caught the stove on fire five times in two days. *sigh*

Otherwise, it's going well. Jorden's a Level 6 in his career and he's not even an adult yet, so he should be out in no time. It's fun watching the other Sims do their own thing, talking to themselves, catching my stove on fire, and trying to water my garden even though they hate the outdoors (I hate it so much when Jorden's at work and one of the other Sims wanders out of the house and takes away Jorden's chance at raising his Gardening skill by working his garden for him). It's been very amusing!
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I have just played through this challange! I had 7 crazy sims all in hospital gowns from the store called Yellow Crazy, Blue Crazy etc after the colour of thier gown! My sim was called Notso Crazy and wore the full bunny outfit with ears from showtime! My Asylum was all grey and industrial looking, lots of band posters on the wall. This was one of the toughest I've tried- bathroom traffic jams, contantly repairing the shower (did wonders for my handiness skill!) and fighting fires almost every day till the coulour crazies earn't some cooking skill points! Great fun! My final score is 134, I don't know if this is very good or not tho! Thanks for a great challenge!
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btw in your discription you did not say which lifetime wishes corresponded with which number
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Quote: Originally posted by Zerhai
btw in your discription you did not say which lifetime wishes corresponded with which number

I think the rule means that once you give your sim all their traits, the game will offer you 5 LTW options, which change depending on the traits. The number you roll is for the computer-selected LTW.

Example: The game offers Renaissance Sim, Super Popular, The Tinkerer, Leader of the Free World, and Chess Legend.
You roll the number 3, so The Tinkerer is your sim's LTW.

At least that's how I used it. ^_^
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Yep. Tasselcat's right.

Just call me Blake! :)
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I started this yesterday, but with a slight rule variation. All the residents are from my different stories. They were all committed by their respective families. They were drugged, bundled up and dropped off on a deserted island. Their is one house on the island and no rabbitholes. The controllable crazy has to do a skilling LTW while keeping track of NINE other monkeys. They all are insane and absent-minded, but they can't go anywhere, so I did not give them a hates outdoors one. There isn't actually anywhere to go, so no one has even ventured off the lot yet.

Great source of comedic relief, I'll give it that. Five days in only one fire so far *knocks on wood*. But my Evil Twin simself has 6 romantic interests (O_O) and she is not the controllable one.
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I completed this in the last 24 hours - mostly at high speed!

My unfortunate sims were a research team, sent to the arctic wastes to study an alien artifact discovered there. The flat-pack research station they had been landed with turned out to be designed for a team of four, not eight. There weren't enough beds, chairs, lab equipment or even food! Fortunately, it was possible to augment their four-sim rations by eating the experimental plants and fish with which the research station had been equipped. Everyone hoped they were not too experimental...

This was only the start of their troubles - sadly, everyone suffered radiation poisoning as soon as they were exposed to the strange object, and most of them became unable to function as scientists. They spent their days gesticulating wildly, arguing with walls, sleeping and using random objects when the mood took them. However, one sim held off the effects sufficiently to keep working, despite terrible living conditions, radiation sickness and the erratic sims around her.

Communications with the outside world were lost when a crazed scientist damaged the radio. It would be months before help came from outside, but the single remaining scientist kept working, searching for any clue to a cure for her team members. Finally, the eureka moment arrived - and all were saved!

Final score 201, played for four and a half weeks.
Crazy sims gain autonomous skills surprisingly well - one even reached level 10 in painting. No sims died - although there was a fire within moments of the sims moving into the lot! I used the Hyperboreal world, which is an empty ice-map. My world contains two buildings - the research station, and a single community lot with the Lunar Lakes science centre, plus rabbitholes for bookshop and groceries - not that the groceries one was ever used. None of the crazies ever left the station, since there was nowhere else to go anyway.

I enjoyed re-doing this challenge - it was a good one in Sims 2 as well. I like short challenges, and it's good to vary my playstyle as well - minute control of just one sim is quite restful after my recent overstuffed games. And it's interesting to seee what sims do when you stop directing their lives - they actually look after themselves reasonably well, really!
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Finish it on Week 4, Day 4. One of the residents died of hunger so -20 points for me.
My Lifetime Wish was Illustrious Author and it took quite some time, because all the sims are constantly using the computer and the easel for fun.
Finished with 68 points and now I'm going to use my sim for other challenges. :D
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Finished! And all in one day!

So I decided to put my own twist on the challenge, and have one girl sim, Erin, and the rest were various males. All had the required insane, absent-minded, and hates the outdoors traits.

What I decided to do was have Erin's lifetime wish (or her goals set by her psychiatrist), was to woohoo with five different sims in five different places. I achieved this in 2 weeks, 2 days inside the game.

Erin woohooed in a: treehouse, bed, elevator (used this instead of stairs), hot tub, and the shower. To make this more challenging, however, I gave Erin the hates commitment trait, and had to force her to become boyfriends with 5 different men because no one would woohoo with her otherwise.

At the end, I had 12 skill points betweem all my sims, and 35,467 lifetime points for just Erin. However, I had 2 repoman visits, and lost 16 points for the length I was there. My total points were 35,461.Overall this was a really fun challenge.

The first picture was before I built the asylum, hence why they are outside. I only showed this because it showed Erin, and two males. They were all dressed in the white hospital gowns (custom content from a long time ago), and it went along with the challenge perfectly. I cannot find the picture where it shows the locked wish after I finished, I might not have taken it. But anyway, I succeeded!

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Also, I scored my points differently for the lifetime points. I did one point for every lifetime point instead of 1 point per every 1000. Oh well (:
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Quote: Originally posted by itsmechelsea
Also, I scored my points differently for the lifetime points. I did one point for every lifetime point instead of 1 point per every 1000. Oh well (:

That's cool. Do you remember where you got the hospital gowns from?

Just call me Blake! :)
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This sounds fun so i am going to give it a try... but how do you get the hospital robes?!
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This looks like fun! i've been wanting to try it for awhile now. I'm going to start it today and see how it goes.
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Quote: Originally posted by namesembry
This looks like fun! i've been wanting to try it for awhile now. I'm going to start it today and see how it goes.

Cool. Tell me how it goes.

Just call me Blake! :)
Hola, hablo español también - Hi, I speak Spanish too.
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I think someone posted this a long time ago, but thtat's either deleted or lost. Thanks for posting this! Bookmarking it right now!

Edit: I really like the second asylum on the list. It's just so home-ish, if that makes sense.
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