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Default List of TS4 Resources
For tutorials and tools, see the respective other subforums!

Several lists of where to find what in the game files (provided by Maxis) are filed under "Documentation" in the Tools sticky (since those aren't actual files, just pointers).

For all documentation/resources published by Maxis, see the Maxis Info Index they have published on their forums.

clown: Protocol buffer (aka the game save format)
gizmozow: Decompiled TS4 scripts
DarkWalker: CSV list of IDs, names, and tuning names and IDs of objects
Morphar: Language codes for STBL

Notegain: Sims 4 Bones for Milkshape
pahtrick: Extracted body skin textures and TGIs
Maclimes: Unwrapped Male Skin
Sintiklia: Extracted body meshes
xox_sugarlips_xox: Hair overview – names/models (CAS Demo, YA)
xox_sugarlips_xox: Grayscale YA hair textures
Jennisims: Hair texture

pbox: Maxis "Basic Walls" (diffuse, bump, specular as PDN/DDS)
Menaceman44: Tileable TS4 Wood Texture

tonicmole: Simlish Logo Resources
puremorphin: Sims 4 Icon Pack (extracted in-game icons)
An_dz: In-game music files TGI

Stuff for TS2 · TS3 · TS4 | Please do not PM me with technical questions – we have Create forums for that.

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#2 Old 23rd Dec 2014 at 10:12 PM
Ok. Thanks! I've wikified these links.

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#3 Old 12th Jan 2019 at 6:42 PM
I've just added a list of all of the voice effects that are in the game code along with their Instance numbers.

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