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Default The Family Business Challenge (requires Get to Work)
I have always loved legacy challenges, and when I began playing around with Get to Work, I finally had an idea for my own! This is the Family Business challenge, and it involves building up (and sometimes breaking down) a retail business through multiple generations. The founder will start a business, and it will become the task of each heir to carry it on as they see fit.

Starting Out

To begin, create your founder in CAS. They should be a Young Adult, and have the aspiration Fabulously Wealthy. All future heirs should have that aspiration, except when otherwise stated in the generation rules. Move them into as cheap a house as you can, so that they have more money free to spend on their business - no cheating allowed! Their spouse and other household members may have jobs, but they may only make money on the side (by selling paintings, collectibles, etc.) and through the store. Each generation begins as soon as the objectives for the previous one have been completed - at the earliest, when the new heir reaches young adulthood and at the latest when the previous heir dies. If the previous heir dies without fulfilling their objectives, the challenge has been failed.

Generation One - The Founder

Your founder always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and now this is their chance! They must purchase a lot and begin to build a business. The type of business is up to you - you can have a boutique, a bakery, a photography studio, whatever you want.

  • Purchase a lot for your business
  • Build a space at least 5x5
  • Run the business for at least seven days
  • Make 500 simoleons from purchases

Generation Two - The Expander

The Expander always respected the Founder's entrepreneurial spirit, and wishes to carry on their work and make the business bigger. The Expander honors their parent and therefore won't change any part of the business, only increase it.

  • Expand the space to at least 10x10
  • Hire at least one employee
  • Triple the number of different items for sale
  • Do not remove anything from the lot

Generation Three - The Innovator

The Innovator isn't satisfied with just expanding the business - they want to take it in an entirely new direction! They will keep the same structure for the business, but change everything within it, including the type of business. For example, if you started with a bakery, you must switch in this generation to something else: an art gallery, a furniture store, etc.

  • Change every item within the store, including wallpaper and flooring, to something different
  • Change the type of business
  • Hire at least three employees
  • Don't change the shape of the space

Generation Four - The Disappointment

The Disappointment doesn't care about the family business at all - they just want to live off the wealth accumulated by their ancestors. Their aspiration should be Party Animal. Their goal throughout their life is to have as much fun as possible and completely deplete the funds of the store.

  • Transfer all store funds into family funds
  • Fire all employees
  • Sell everything in the shop, leaving it empty
  • Buy at least 10 "fun" items
  • Host at least 5 parties
  • Never have a job or work at the family store

Generation Five - The Rebuilder

The Rebuilder regrets the foolish actions of the Disappointment, and wishes to undo their parent's mistakes. Their goal is to restore the family business to its former glory, although with the funds so depleted, it will be difficult.

  • Sell all "fun" items bought by the previous heir
  • Work at least 4 days a week in the store
  • Hire at least 5 employees
  • Expand the space to at least 15x15

Generation Six - The Mogul

The Mogul wants to do the Rebuilder one better - they want to expand the business even more, and begin franchising as well! Their goal is not only to make the original business even bigger, but also to purchase additional lots. These can be the same business type or different types, whichever you want.

  • Expand the original space to at least 20x20
  • Purchase at least one other lot
  • Build a space on that lot at least 5x5
  • Hire at least 2 employees on the second lot

Generation Seven - The Millionaire

The Millionaire's goal is fairly self-explanatory - they want to expand the business enough to become a millionaire! During this generation, you are free to expand the business however you see fit, but don't sell off any of the stores to get to this goal. And of course, no cheating.

  • Have 1,000,000 simoleons in the family funds

Ending the Challenge

If you complete generation seven, then you have won the challenge!

I haven't really played around with businesses enough to know if this challenge is too hard or too easy, so let me know what you think! Also, if you have ideas for other generations feel free to comment with them. If you do this challenge yourself, let me know how it goes :]
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Might give this one a go. I have been looking for a GTW challenge.
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Ok gonna give this a try-I just finished the settler challenge and have been looking for something new.
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This is the little bakery she started. She needs to take a day off so she can meet a guy and have a kid

Question: when a new spouse moves in do we get to keep their money? a Lot of legacy challenges won't let you. Thanks
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So I'm finding that my founder is bored she wants to expand and do more stuff with the business, but that will leave nothing for her daughter to have to do. Other than that this is a pretty fun challenge. Thanks for posting it.
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I would suggest getting rid of the spouse's money to make it more challenging :] Also hmmm, perhaps the first phase of expansion isn't difficult enough? How fast did you get the generation one objectives done?
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Originally Posted by sourfruit
I would suggest getting rid of the spouse's money to make it more challenging :] Also hmmm, perhaps the first phase of expansion isn't difficult enough? How fast did you get the generation one objectives done?

by the time she had worked in the shop for seven days she had all the money she needed to earn.( I build a very , very small house so all her money went into the business.)
Now she is just waiting for her daughter to age up and take over, so a couple more objectives would be good-just not sure what they would be.
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I just started an LP of this on youtube! Check it out! NikNak Sims :D
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I am definitely giving this one a try.
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This sounds like a lot of fun! I will totally be trying this!! Thanks for posting!
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Thanks for posting this sounds amazing.
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This sounds like fun! I'm starting mine today :D
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i might try this one too.. and update here my progress by batch only...

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