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Default Tarot Legacy Challenge
So I wrote this legacy challenge awhile ago but I finally decided to post it somewhere.
I would like any thoughts on it, does it seem interesting?
I haven't had a chance to test it out yet but would love some feedback.

(Tarot Legacy Challenge)
For the Sims 4
Each Generation will be based off of a Major Arcana card from the Tarot deck. I used the Galaxy Tarot app for reference.


No cheating to increase funds or anything else that makes gameplay easier. bb.moveobjects and testingcheats true are fine. I can't live without being able to use cas.fulleditmode lol.
For living arrangements choose an empty lot (doesn't matter which) and go from there. Build with the funds you have available.
I use gender specific pronouns throughout the challenge rules but really I don't think that cards like the empress and emperor should be strictly female/male.
That determination is up to the player.

Generation 1

The Fool

trust, innocence, open mind, beginning

When the fool appears in a reading that means it's time for a new adventure (or legacy as the case may be).
Your legacy founder can be male or female but you must hit the randomize button in CAS three times and use that sim as your base. You can change features and clothing to fit your aesthetic but try to stick close to what the randomized sim looked like. For instance you can change the facial features but maybe keep skin tone and hair color? The Fool is about surprises so try to let go of some control here!
One of the sims traits should be childish. After that the other two can be whatever you want and you can pick whatever aspiration but if you really want to make this generation as surprising and as adventurous as possible use a randomizer like to randomize the other two traits and your aspiration.
This sim should not have a job. They don't want to be tied down to a career their whole purpose in life is to explore! But any other means of income are acceptable. I.E. painting, collecting etc...
Their relationships are up to you as are the number of children they have. You can pick whichever child you want to be the heir. Or you could use the randomizer to choose. Or maybe have your followers vote..? Remember the key words are open mind and surprises!

Generation 2

The Magician

personal power, intention, will, resourcefulness
The heir can be either male or female but they have to have the self-assured and ambitious traits. They need to have the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration. It doesn't need to be completed by the end of Gen 2 but The Magician is very goal oriented and wants to work towards a better future.
Pick one career for this sim and make them devoted to it! If you want to complete the aspiration maybe look up which careers end up being the most lucrative? If not it doesn't matter as long as they are devoted to succeding in that career.
Again, relationships are up to you but this sim only has one child. They don't have any time to focus on family life. Their career is everything. The child and spouse/partner probably feels a little neglected by this sim. Although ultimately they understand that they really only have the family's best interests at heart.

Generation 3

The High Priestess

inner wisdom, receptivity, spirituality, meditation
This generation's traits should include loner. The High Priestess prefers to be by herself most of the time. She spends a lot of time in meditation and likes a calm quiet environment. So this sim should have a maxed wellness skill.
Pick a career or means of income that lets your sim be at home a lot. If you have City Living there are some careers that let you work from home or if not your sim could be a gardener, writer or painter.
As far as relationships goes The High Priestess would seek a sim who is very emotionally balanced so sims with traits like evil, jealous or mean should be excluded. How many kids this sim has doesn't matter but they should develop the compassionate trait (if you have parenthood).

Generation 4

The Empress

nurturing, creativity, sensuality, mother
Your generation four heir's traits should be creative, loves the outdoors and romantic. Her aspiration should be one of the family aspirations. The empress loves to create and spend time outdoors. She is a very romantic sim but once she finds the sim she falls in love with her focus changes to her home and family. Even with all of the family demands she still manages to develop her art skill and make good money painting. This sim's parenting and painting skills should be maxed by the end of generation 4. Cooking skill and baking skill should be at level 5.
Your sim falls in love and gets married. They have five children. It doesn't matter who she marries though, that is up to the player. If you have parenthood the heir should develop the responsible trait.

Generation 5

The Emperor

power, structure, stability, authority, father
Your generation 5 heir's traits should include genius, ambitious and neat. His aspiration should be one of the family aspirations. His job should be in politics. He should max his logic and parenting skill and complete his aspiration before the end of generation 5.
Your generation 5 heir has always been a very orderly person. He likes to do everything exactly how he thinks it's supposed to be done. When he meets the person he would like to spend his life with he makes no bones about his intentions. He really does love this sim but it's not easy for him to act sentimentially so just about everything with him seems more like a business transaction. The other sim can see through this though and loves him too so they get married right after becoming committed to eachother. Your generation 5 heir grew up in a large family and also wants to surround himself with children so they have four children. You can choose any of these four children to be the heir but the heir MUST develop the responsible trait(if you have parenthood).

Generation 6

The Hierophant

teacher, belief system, knowledge, conscientious, responsibility
If you have the get to school mod then this generation's heir should become a teacher. If you don't have the get to school mod than they can have whatever career you choose. They also need to max a skill and get the mentor aspiration reward. They should take any opportunity to mentor other sims or their children.
Your heir gets another sim prgenant or becomes pregnant and decides to stay with that person because they believe that's the right thing to do. The amount of children this sim has is up to you but the first child is the heir. If you have parenthood the heir should develop the high emotional control trait.

Generation 7

The Chariot

momentum, self-discipline, competence, control, determination
The generation seven heir decides to leave home and strike out on their own when they become a young adult. Choose another empty lot and this is the new legacy home. If you have get to work this sim should enter the medical field.
This sim does not get married until adulthood. They have two children. The second child is the heir. The heir should develop the active and party animal trait.

Generation 8


instinctive drives, inner strength, survival, courage
While this sim is young they spend their time partying and hanging out with friends. They don't see too much of a point in doing anything but what they want because their family has enough money to support them. They don't really feel the need to get motivated, even though they watched their parents focus on their careers and progress in life.
However around the time they age up to young adult some life event makes them realize that they need to be more goal oriented and focused, they join the athletic career.
Relationships and the amount of children are all up to you for this generation. The heir is also chosen by the player but they must develop the irresponsible trait if parenthood is owned.

Generation 9

Wheel of Fortune

taking action, change, movement, destiny, luck, expansion
If you have City Living your sims career should be The social media career, if not They are in the culinary field. Their traits should be foodie and lazy.
Congratulations! (sim name here) has won the lottery! *motherlode*
But they end up spending the money irresponsibly... The money must be spent by the end of the generation on house updates, electronics, expensive art, whatever it's up to the player but it must be gone.
Relationships and children are up to you. The first child is the heir.

Generation 10


transformation, ending, closure, regeneration
We have reached the end of the legacy. The Generation 10 heir has been born. Their traits can be whatever you choose. You must choose a career you haven't used yet during this legacy. They move to a different world, wherever you want, whatever lot or house you want. Start Anew!
This sim marries twice. You adopt two children. After that it's all up to you because Death is about ending and closure so it's time for something new and different!
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I don't know why no one has commented on this challenge yet, I really like it. The generation goals are slightly simple but also gives enough structure to keep it from getting dull plus the Tarot gives a good base point for each heir's personality for storytelling. I'm going to try it out, possibly post about it on my Simblr <3
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This is a nice idea, and the traits fit the Arcana, nice. I might modify something when playing, sorry, but that's just because I have a preferrence for some Tarot Arcana to others... or I might just make some Arcanas siblings, so they all fit. Hm...
Sorry. Anyway, I'll surely be playing it. And with some luck and determination, I might even get more advanced into it than I usually do before giving up on the family, haha.
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This is absolutely amazing. I'll definitely be using this, thank you for your contribution!
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I'm glad a few people liked it. If anyone has some suggestions I'd be glad to hear them 😊
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I've actually started posting gameplay of this legacy challenge on my tumblr if anyone is interested. Almost done with Gen1
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