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This tutorial will explain how to recolor a clothing package using SimPE.

What you will need

  • SimPE
  • A graphic editor that can handle 32-bit PNG files. These are files that use four bytes for each pixel: three of them are the familiar RGB, and the fourth is the Alpha

Why do we need this?

We don't; Bodyshop does the same thing.


  • this method allows you to chose the package by name, instead of the time-consuming method of running Bodyshop and searching the file by name
  • this method modifies an existing file, and the modification is applicable to Sims that already use the clothes


  • If you are playing, close the Sims 2 game
  • Backup the package you want to change
  • Start SimPE
  • Select the Open option, and chose the clothing package by name
  • Go to the images directory of the package
  • Select the image you want to edit and export it
  • This will create a PNG file. The name is something like ##0x5f20a6c7!body~stdMatBaseTextureName_txtr_1024x1024.png
  • Edit the PNG file using an external application, modify it and save it
  • Verify if the PNG file wasn't corrupted: one way is to check in its "properties" to see if it's still a 32-bit PNG
  • You didn't close SimPE, so you are still in the "export image" option. Now use the "import" option and replace it
  • Save the package
  • Restart the Sims 2 game and check if the modification was ok
    • If anything went wrong, recover the backup and try Bodyshop