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Compressing Images using Photoshop CS3

The option for saving a web friendly compressed jpg/jpeg has been in Photoshop for a while. You may have to search for it if your version is older than CS3 as it may be in a different area.

With your image open and any cropping, touchup or writing you want to do:

  • File/Save for Web & Mobile Devices
  • Select the 2-up tab to see the original and compressed images side by side
  • On the right select JPEG from the drop down box
  • The box under JPEG has quick compression selection but for more fine tuning go to next step
  • Tick the Progressive box - this allows you to use the slider under Quality
  • Look at the bottom of the dialog box - it will show you original image size and compressed image size
  • Click Save and choose filename/location as normal