Nifty Utilities for The Sims 2
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Some Utilities I have found to make Simming more fun....

In no particular order or preference.

Please also see The Wiki.

Please read the instructions on the Download site to check if each utility is compatible with your system.
Backup your files before installing any utility, or editing your files.

For PC:

The Colour Enable Package:
Allows the in-game objects to be recoloured.

Ultimate Zip:
Archive Utility, supports ZIP, RAR, ACE, 7-ZIP, CAB, JAR and more.

Screen Hunter Free:
Screen Capture Utility; capture a window or fullscreen with or without a cursor. Allows you to save to clipboard or a file in different formats, choosing a prefix or auto name if you wish.

Package editor for The Sims 2, with wizards and tutorials. More details on site, or here.

Sims2Pack Clean Installer (Unsupported):
View and install Sims2 Packs; organize content easily. Also scans for duplicate files and detects hacks. Unsupported except for here.

DJS Sims:
The Sims 2 Pets Custom Content Updater: A program designed to help you update your custom content to be compatible with, and usable by, the pets in the new expansion.
Sims 2 WTF Editor (Walls, Terrains, Floors): View full sized images, and Edit Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors: you can change price, description, name, catalog sort, and the sound that a floor tile makes.
Sims 2 Collection Creator: Create collections outside the game and organize the contents.
Sims 2 Hack and Duplicate Scanner (Unsupported): Scan for and rename hacks.

Paladin's Place (Sim Wardrobe):
Sims 2 NPC Replacer: Easily alter the default outfits of most NPCs in the game.
Sims 2 Hack Conflict Detection Utility: This small program will look for multiple packages in your Sims 2 Downloads folder that modify the same global procedure.
Sims 2 Categorizer: Program to allow you to easily edit all of the catalog information of any custom object.

Theo's Shack
Color Binning Tool; Orphan Mesh Scanner; Sim Surgery Tool; Sim Clothing Editor; Sim Deleter Tool. All of these are plugins for SimPE.

Blarney Stone:

Bodyshop Mechanic: Set new backgrounds for Bodyshop and run it at different resolutions.

The Sims 2 Database:
An easy way to keep track of and collect data on your Sims. Track your Sims by individual or by household, create and print reports, and use this information to make the best matchmaking decisions for your Sims.

The Sims 2 Storybook Viewer:

Provides you a photo album storybook viewer outside of the game. This way you can view and edit your community or family story without having to load up the entire game.


The Multi-Sims2Pack Installer: Install multiple Sims2Packs, for example walls or floors, in one go. An essential tool!
QXpress: Download Utility. Downloads, unzips and installs files with ease.

Sims 2 Key Printer:
Retrieves your License Keys for the Sims 2 and expansions from the registry. Ideal for if you lose your game manual.

Mike Inside's Family Creator:
Created to help people think up names for their sims. You can even input the ages and genders of your sims, and it will generate names for all of them.

Inteenimater Modlist:
Dumps the contents of your Downloads folder to a file, in the order the game loads them.

Lot Expander:
Increase the size of lots after they are placed in the Neighbourhood.

Sim Programs Site- Miscellaneous
SimLinks2: Manage your Sims 2 site links.
TS2 Neighborhood Name Generator: Generate names for your custom hoods.
TS2 System Requirements Detector: Detect your system and compare it to Maxis' specs for The Sims 2 to see if you are able to run the game.
Sims2 Blog: Generate Web pages to tell your sims’ stories.
Sim Programs Site- Character Editors:
Sims2 Bodyshop Background Changer: Change the background of Bodyshop.
TS2 Generator: Randomly select genetics for your sims.
TS2 Name Generator: Generate names for either gender.

Simopedia Servo Pro:
System requirement checker for The Sims 2.

Lucas Aussie Topenders:
Lucas Object Texture Studio 2: Allows you to import Aussie Topenders textures for your custom content.
Lucas Easy Sims 2 Cheats: Assign cheats to a hotkey.
Lucas Easy Sims 2 Download Counter: Count your Downloads, size and number
Lucas Easy Dirty State Maker: Create Dirty textures for your counters, etc.
Lucas Object Texture Studio: Retexture objects easily.
Lucas Easy Bedding Texture Creator: Create bedding textures.
Lucas Sims 2 Tweak: Activate startup cheats.
Movie Manager: Manage movies for your sims 2 game.
Music Manager: Manage music for your Sims 2 game.
Lucas Sims 2 Manager: Tweak your Sims 2 settings and activate cheats. Combines the Tweak, Music and Movie Manager plus more.

Sim File Maid 2:
Download your files and let the maid do the rest! Installation Utility.

EA The Sims 2 Content Manager:
Tool that allows you to view modified content added to your game. You can then enable, disable or delete the content from this tool.
EA The Sims 2 Homecrafter Plus:
Create floors, walls and terrains for The Sims2.

SimsLaunch: Manage your game launch, and associated applications.

Numenor's Scriptorium:
Tool to assist with the installation of custom walls, stairs etc. in the game.

SimPose2: Load, pose and generate keyframe animations for adult Sims. Tool for creating still images and storyboards.

Stretch Skeleton Calculator:
Calculate which stretch skeleton index you need to use to create a sim of a particular height. Available in QBasic and VisualBasic editions.

Simsky See Them 2:
Activate Sims 2 cheats easily, including censor blur removal.

Quaxi's Censor Blur Removal:
Remove the blur from your Sims with this modification.

Package Watcher:
Assists you to keep track of your files.

For Macs:
Stuffit Expander:
Archive Utility for Mac- supports zip, rar, tar and more. Also available in PC version.

DBPF Inspector (Unsupported?):
Package viewer.

DBPF Reader:
Package viewer.

WooHoo (Discontinued Project):
Package Editor.

Quaxi's Censor Blur Removal:
Remove the blur from your Sims with this modification. Also works for Mac.

This is merely a list of some programs I have used and enjoyed- it is in no way complete and does not imply endorsement. If there are any utilities that you would like included in this list then please PM simsample or any other moderator.
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