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Testers Wanted: Risky Woohoo, Quiet Pregnancy, and Reduced % Chance for Pregnancy hack (Updated 9/24/2008)

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2005 at 3:24 AM
Updated: 25th Sep 2008 at 5:56 AM - Fixed bug with Risky Woohoo for Cars
Risky Woohoo mods v1.16 for TS2AL v1.0p0
Made by: syberspunk

This is the SAME information in the first post.

Updated for Pets:

NOTE: A major change was needed to update this mod for Pets. Unfortunately EA changed their code in such a way that I am forced to discontinue the Tuning file, at least until I can figure out another way to handle it. As a result, all the % have been "hard coded" into each individual package. So, if you want to customize the % chance for pregnancy, you will have to do it individually. To do this, you must search for the line in the specific package that you are trying to customize, and change the third parameter, which is a LITERAL value to the new value you want. Remember, the valid values must be in HEX format.

SS_RiskyWoohooInBed - Provides a 30% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Beds.
SS_RiskyWoohooInHotTub - Provides a 10% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Hot tubs.
SS_RiskyWoohooInPublic - Provides a 20% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Public (Clothing Booths Only).
SS_QuietPregnancy - Prevents playing of "pregnancy" bells/chimes for ALL pregnancies (whether they occur via Woohoo or Try for Baby).

reducedpregnancyhack - Reduces the chance of pregnancy by HALF the regular % for "Try for Baby" interaction.
NOTE: If you use this hack, it ALWAYS reduces the chance by HALF of whatever % chance is passed to the "Pregnant - Try to Get Pregnant" BHAV. Essentially this is a sligth rewriting of kzlyh1947's random 15% chance pregnancy hack. The only difference is that the % is not hardcoded into that BHAV. In other words, for those of you who use the RanPreg1_0xEC17C4.package hack, pregnancy will ALWAYS have a 15% chance. If you used sweatm's older version of Risky Woohoo together with the random 15% chance (which is what I had been doing but did not realize they conflicted until I actually looked at the code myself), theoretically, regardless of whatever % values were set in Risky Woohoo, it would always use 15% (or whatever value you used, if you changed that value yourself). This is because that value was hardcoded into the random 15% chance pregnancy hack. Basically I changed it so it simply reduces the value of whatever gets passed into that BHAV by half, instead of always using that value. I will include simple instructions on how to edit this in SimPE if you want to change it.

Added features for Nightlife:

SS_RiskyWoohooInCar - Provides a 20% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Cars.
SS_RiskyWoohooInPhotoBooth - Provides a 20% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Photo Boothes.

Compatibility Notice: If you are using TwoJeffs' Preg for All Genders mod, you MUST use the zzSS_RiskyWoohooInPhotoBooth version!

Added features for Open for Business:

SS_RiskyWoohooInElevator - Provides a 5% chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo in Elevators.

Added features for Bon Voyage:

SS_RiskyWoohooInHammock - Provides a 30% change of getting pregnant via woohoo in Hammocks.
SS_RiskyWoohooInSauna - Provides a 30% change of getting pregnant via woohoo in Saunas.
SS_RiskyWoohooInTent - Provides a 30% change of getting pregnant via woohoo in Tents.

Added features for Apartment Life:

Risky Woohoo should theoretically already work for Woohoo in Closet and Woohoo in Helicopter.
SS_RiskyWoohooInPublic - should also enable risky woohoo in closets
SS_RiskyWoohooInCar - should also enable risky woohoo in helicopters

Please note that all files now have individual BCONs containing the specific BCON to edit for personalizing your risky woohoo odds. It even has a cornvenient label! If you are still having problems figuring out where to find and edit the clearly labeled BCON values, kindly please get bent. :P

These MUST be in your Downloads folder, typically found under:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Downloads

These should work in subfolders.

You MUST DELETE or REMOVE any other previous or older versions of RiskyWoohoo.

Possible further updates:
If I figure out how to isolate QuietPregnancy for just Woohoo, which I might be able to (I think I have an idea), I just have to find the time, I may update that as well.

Justification: I chose these % because I wanted only a slight chance of getting pregnant via Woohoo. As such, I thought that there would be a lower chance in the Hot tub, because high temperatures tend to impede your swimmers a bit or so it's been said. I thought that being in bed, most likely at someones home, you would tend to be "more responsible" and would most likely use "protection" so to speak. The same thing would go for being in your car. Whereas, in "public," you would tend to be a bit more riskier so I upped the odds a bit more for the clothing booth and the photo booth. Because in the "heat of passion" so to speak, you might tend to forget to use protection. To be more realistic with the "risky" part in public, I could have bumped up the % to something higher, but from testing in the past, I have felt that even 10% might be slightly high, but this could just very well be due to how I play. So I chose to keep it at something reasonably low.

This is NOT a rationalization for unprotected sex. I neither condemn nor condone such behaviour. This is all just for "role-playing" purposes in the game. So please, I would appreciate no comments concerning issues of morality.

Compatibility: This hack has been tested with JenFlower's Non-Pregnancy Teen Woohoo v6.0d which has been graciously updated for Nightlife by jase439 and available at www.insimenator.net

If you are looking for a more complex version of Risky Woohoo, AND you are looking for Teen Woohoo AND pregnancy, then I highly recommend using jase439's wonderful InTeenimater mod, which is also found at the aforementioned location. It is a very complex, diverse, and versatile mod that really expands the experience of playing Teen sims. As he has mentioned, it also includes a form of Risky Woohoo which is a lot more realistic in that it can be variable and depend on certain factors such as age and fertility.

As such, these mods will most definately conflict with the InTeenimater, so you MUST NOT use ANY of these mods if you are using the InTeenimater. The InTeenimater should ALREADY include this functionality.

Although I have tested this and found that it works, I have not done extensive testing with other hacks. As such, I am not yet aware of any possible conflicts with any other existing hacks. However, it should be, for the most part, compatible with all other hacks that the previous version by sweatm was compatible with. It WILL most likely conflict with any hacks that directly modify the Woohoo interactions.

This hack also should not conflict with twojeffs' Casual Romance mod. He has purposefully engineered his mod in such a way that it pretty much shouldn't conflict with any mod. He's excellent that way. His mod also includes Risky Woohoo settings which are adjustable.

REMINDER and fine print (to cover my ass ) :
Remember to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE INSTALLING NEW HACKS. By using this hack, you agree to absolve me of any responsibility or liability for any potential loss of or damage to your data. You have been warned.

So, while I put this out there to share with you, I do so with the caveat that I am but a lowly, fairly inexperienced beginner when it comes to modding. As such, I may not have sufficient knowledge to help if you do experience some major conflict. At best, I might be able to give you advice as to how to rule out possible conflicts with other mods. If you DO encounter any major problems, please report back here, and post any error logs. If I cannot help you, hopefully some of the other, more seasoned and experienced modders might be gracious enough to take a look at the problem. It is because of this very fact, that I was reluctant to post this. I wouldn't want to just post things willy nilly without being able to provide technical support. But I feel that the changes I made were very simple, and hopefully and ideally should not conflict with any other mods (unless of course they are mods that specifically change the same BHAVs). Regardless, I promise to do the best I can and provide as much support as I am capable of.

HOW TO REPORT: Conflicts, problems, or errors
I would appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback that is actually helpful. With that in mind, if you are bothering to report an error encountered using this mod.

It would be helpful, when reporting any conflicts or issues, that you include the following:

1) thorough but reasonably brief description of what you were doing
i.e. what specific woohoo interaction you were attempting
2) clear, comprehendible explanation of your problem
3) list of hacks that may be related to woohoo
4) archived (.rar or .zip) of log produced by error

Posts which do not include a clear description of what your problem is will be pretty much ignored. (i.e. posts such as "This does not work! I am taking it out! You suck! Nice try! etc.") I can't and won't help you if you don't explain what's wrong.

Please be nice when trying to explain your problem and I might be nice and help you.

Finally, my Thank Yous go to:

sweatm and kzlyh1947 for making the original risky woohoo and random % pregnancy hacks, J.M. Pescado, twojeffs, dizzy2, jase439, and Dukasha for being excellent teachers and for all their help, advice, time spent troubleshooting and putting up with and answering my pestering questions , to Carrigon, dizzy2, Numenor, and JWoods for their awesome tutorials, Quaxi and co for SimPE, and dizzy2 yet again for disaSim2, and the finally letters T and S, and the number 2, all of whom, without which this update would not be possible.

If I left anyone out, I apologize in advance. You know who you are and you deserve my thanks.

Version History:
v1.10 - Updated for Open for Business - Added Risky Woohoo option for Elevators
v1.11 - Updated for Pets
v1.12 - Updated for Seasons
v1.13 - Updated for Bon Voyage
v1.14 - Tweaked Risky Woohoo percentages
v1.15 - Updated for Free Time
v1.16 - Updated for Apartment Life
v1.161- Fixed bug with Risky Woohoo for Cars