Child Enabled Cell Phone

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Uploaded 20th Feb 2006 at 5:26 AM

This hack requires:

This is a Global Hack. Its not a stand alone object. It affects Cell phones already in game. If you noticed children couldnt use the cell phone. Im like for peats sake I have a cell phone! So i hacked the phone for use by children. Im currently working on getting the kiosk you buy it from working for kids too. Unlike the handheld game parents cannot give the phone. You have to have Nightlife for the reason you have to take it out of there invertory and lay it on the ground, end table, or coffeetable and direct a child to use it. They have all the options of a normal phone.

The animations are also correct. I tested it in debug mode myself.

This is my first hack and I like it!

Theres one little bug and I didnt test while NOT in debug mode. When the child finishes a call theres a error message that pops up click reset the phone will disappear but will be in the childs inventory.(Thats only if your using boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) Unlike older sims you dont get the self interaction also for call you have to take it out of there inventory and place it somewhere. I REALLY hope you like it! Enjoy!