Gas Station

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Since Nightlife is coming out I wanted a really good Gas Station for my simmies. So I made one using the pumps made on this site. Give the credit for making the pumps to suiryuue. It has gas pumps, a mini fridge,stove,and dishwasher in the back room. A little grocery area, a men and womens restroom. magazines, a bar, and expresso counter. The wonka chocalote bars were made by Carrigon on Varioussimmers. The atm machines were made on this site. Give credit for the atm machines to monique.

TIP: The numbers on the gas pumps wont show up right unless you go in graphics and select texture details high.

P.S.Dont think you have to download the atm machines and pumps there included with the download.

Here the pumps thread anyway.
Here it the atm machine. but remember its included in the download.
The chocolate was made by Carrigon here