Sweet Cosy Nest

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Uploaded 21st Mar 2006 at 9:28 PM

Hi Everybody !

Here is another house from me: Inspired (again!) by the victorian style,but its a totally free adaptation of a house found on the internet...

“Sweet Cosy Nest” is built on a 3x3 lot and costs 167449 simoleons..All expansions are required to install it: Universiy,Nightlife and OfB.

I used a lot of custom content: It was all made by me for this lot .
IMPORTANT: Since my username here is Mehrlicht and my username on the
Exchange is Simsixties I decided to join both names while making recolors
or Homecrafter creations.If you scan the lot you’ll notice that all custom
content is made by Mehrlicht-Simsixties;just in order to avoid any

The house has a fine working attached Garage with a grassy driveway outside.Your sims can access the garage directly from the kitchen. (See the pics).

- Groundfloor: Garage – Kitchen – large Livingroom.
- Upstairs: A large Bathroom and a large Bedroom.Its the yellow Bedroom, with Fireplace corner,Card playing corner,Office Corner...More can be added.

I am aware that many of you will find the livingroom (downstairs) too girlish because of the pink rug...I am sorry(!?) ,but since playing too much Sims 2 makes me dream in pink color,I absolutly needed “some Pink” for this non real life house!
Hope that you’ll forgive me and that some of you will like the house anyway...

Be sure that “Sweet Cosy Nest” was carefully built and that everything is working fine (It was tested).Have fun with your sims!

Happy Simming !