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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2006 at 6:12 AM
Updated: 16th May 2007 at 2:10 PM
Here is my version of Boromir

I didn’t really intend to make Boromir, but he just kind of appeared. I always loved his tragic character: noble, yet very flawed. He’s almost too good-looking, but he was the “golden boy”, preferred by his father Denethor. Again, without the great custom content by other creators, he wouldn’t be anything special.

Custom content included:

Brows by Helaene:
Her site is still down, but hopefully it will re-open soon.

Skintone (Sweet Fall) and eyes (Soft Cloud) by Enayla
The queen of skintones!

Hair by cevic:
Fabulous hair, you probably already have it since it’s been downloaded nearly 17,000 times.

Clothes by Miien:
Her beautiful LOTR clothes were an inspiration for me to try to make these sims.

The following meshes are needed for him to show up properly in your game:


(The Monk’s Robe by Bettye in post #5)

He should work with or without expansion packs, but I do have all packs so far.

My other LOTR uploads are here:

My sharing policy:
I've decided everything that I've made can be boiled, fried, folded, spindled mutilated...Whatever! My only stipulation is that everything stays 100% FREE. Beyond that, a little nod for credit is nice, but I'm not going to get worked up over it if you don't.

This works fine for my neighborhoods. It's a lot more complicated with my sims though. They are full of other people's work and there is a wide variety of terms of use among them. So you shouldn't repost them as is. If you want to take the sim face and slap different skin, hair, eyes, clothes on it... fine, have at it.

**Don't interpret this to mean you have the right to use the custom content I used without credit to the original creator though.**