Stone Oasis - Compact Community Lot

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Uploaded 16th Jul 2006 at 7:47 PM

Hi Folks!

This is a small 2x2 Community Lot I made for downtown areas. Despite of its size, the lot has many features and is always crowded - which can cause some lags in slower computers - so, be careful.

In the Stone Oasis Community Lot, your sims will find:
Basement: a small Disco with Electrodance and pinball. There's also an indoor pool, where the sims can swim and be seen through a big window, from the Disco (the popular aquarium effect).
1st Floor: a cozy restaurant and a small bar, which are always crowded (see pics below).
2nd Floor: a small shopping (fashion and food, actually), ladies and men rooms, Internet cafe, instante photo-machine and a nice terrace with barbecue area, if you don't want to face the crowd down there.

I hope you (and your sims) like it

Credits (included CCs):

Atavera: Neon Signs

Jaxad0127: Buyable Community Items hack

Vimto666: Buyable Toms Clothing Tester

Mutinamutina: Mahogany panel 2

Illumutations recolored by KarialSim
Wooden Stairs recolourable
Seamless WallWindow, WallWindow DoubleDoor and Wall Boundary
Holy Smoke Stairs Recolourable

Window Frame Collection #2 and 3
White Edge Smoother
Gaspard Wall from Gaspard Marble Bathroom Set
Modern Connective Wall Spot Lights

Flagstone Light Floor
Mottled Brick Wall

Window Frames and Glass Fence

Outdoor5 Rocks

Sterling Sims2 Design
4Travertine06 Floor by Cheryl

Floors #060, 061, 062, 068, 069, 070, 071, 084 and 224
Walls #032, 207 and 209

Breley Green Wallpaper by Mummysim
Cobblestone floor by Mummysim
Stone Block Brick Wall by Mummysim

Bottles meshes by Phelana

Jendea <>
Garden Rock (larger)
Smaller Boulder With Grass

White01 Floor by Katart

Not Included CCs

XM Sims
Station Canopy