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Cow Recolours

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2006 at 12:00 PM
Here we have some recolours of Mickyss cow mesh, wich can be found here

I have made five diffrent patterns of patches - each in three colours: Tan, Brown and Black. These all have coloured patches on a white bace. I'll have some white patches on coloured baces soon!

anywho, I wasnt sure how to pack these up so:

If you download the file "all 001 cows" for example, then you will get the cows shown in the images "001cows" and "001 cows2". "all 002 cows" gives you all the 002 cows, "all 003 cows"... well you get the idea :D

If you want all the cows - but only in say, Tan, then the file "all TAN cows" will give you all five versions in Tan. the same goes for "all Brown cows" and "all Black cows".

Finaly, the file "ALL cows" is just that - all 15 cow recolours in Tan, Brown and Black.

Hope they bring some varity to your farms and ranches :D