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'Split Artefact' - the Twin Window

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2006 at 9:18 PM
Hi all,

After creating 'Flat Artefact' (can be found here)and 'Top Artefact' (can be found here) it felt like I had to create a window to connect these two. This resulted in the third Artefact-clone : the Twin Window. I named it 'Split Artefact'. Just like the others, this window is using the same colors as the original Artefact. It works on straight and diagonal walls, of course !

vertices/polycount : 440/436


This is - for now - the final window in my Artefact-series, but I'm if some of you would like to see other versions, I'm open to suggestions and requests. Just let my know...

Please do not put this mesh on any pay-site, it was intended for free distribution. Recolour at will, but link to this thread to download the mesh, and notify me of any recolours. Thanks.