Fin de Siecle

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So… the century went by and so the fashion evolved, specially women’s (we all know men are much more conservative LOL ).

Boys would wear skirts up to the age of 6/7, and then would move on to a suit, similar to their father’s, but with short pants. Girls wore bustle dresses like the mamma’s, but shorter.

By day, ladies would dress “to visit”, and impress the others. Hats were “de rigeur” and smaller then the previous ones, with laces and feathers.
By night the dresses would be glamorous, with lace, ruffles and sequins, and a wider skirt.

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cm_1891Suit - Maxis

Bm_BegeSailor - Maxis

cf_1885BrownBustle - AllAboutSytle - Mesh--FCbustle-(Child) here

fa_1895Floral - AllAboutStyle - mesh--FA1890s-(Adult) here

af_PinkBustle - AllAboutStyle - Mesh--FAbustle here

af_1875PromenadeOrage - AllAboutStyle - Mesh--FAbustle here

fa_1898Lilac - SussisoGoodSims Mesh SussiVictorian here

af_1870Red - AllAboutStyle - Mesh--FAbustle here

af_1894BlueDamask - Sussisogoodsims - 1860 BallGown Mesh here

Hats - Bipsouille - Themes - Chappellerie
f_HatPinkGreen - Chapeaux mode 1905 pour femme - pag 4
f_LilacHat - Chapeaux mode 1905 pour femme - pag 2
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