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Classical Windows with Stone Surrounds

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2007 at 5:51 PM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2007 at 6:56 AM
It took me quite some time to finish those and I’m still not quite happy with the result. But this is the best I can do at the moment. This is a collection of arched windows with stone surrounds – use them for your classic or Mediterranean houses. There is also a two storey door and 3 fences that can be used as small window balconies. Place the fence (balcony) 1 tile in front of the window for the straight version and move 2 tiles forward for the diagonal version of the 2 tile window balcony. Move the fence tool from right to left.
Here are the details:
1 Tile Arched window with Stone Surround – 946 faces.
2 parts can be recoloured – the stone surround and the wood. The file already contains 3 wood (Dark, red and light) and 3 stone recolours;

1 Tile Arched window– 548 faces.
The window the same as the previous one but without the stone surround
1 Tile Gable Window – 844 faces; 2 parts can be recoloured – the stone surround and the wood.

Roof Window and Oval Window with stone surrounds – 312 and 736 faces respectively;

2 Tile Arched Window with stone surround - 1678 faces
The files has 3 recolours for the wooden window frame (the same as with the 1 tile arched window) and 2 recolours for the stone surround.

2 Tile Dormer Window – 800 faces.

3 Tile Mediterranean Window – 1458 faces

2 Storey Door – 3404 faces (about 570 faces per tile) The door doesn’t have a diagonal version

Curved Window Balcony – 742 faces

Curved Balustrade - 742 faces. It uses the same mesh as the Curved Window Balcony, but is used as a balustrade for normal balconies.

Rectangular Window Balcony – 566 faces

2 Tile Window Balcony – 352 faces.
All of the window balconies are placed in a single rar file.

Actually, all objects except the fences, have 2 parts that can be recoloured.

As always, recolours are welcome. PM me if you want the recolour templates. They are not included in the rar files.

Please do not submit my meshes and/or recolours to pay sites. Thank you.

P.S. As much as I'd like to upload flawless custom content, it's just not in my nature to be the organized person I've always wanted to be. So please do not hesitate to tell me about any problems with the files, so that I could edit or remove the file if the damages are irreparable.

P.P.S. The rectangular window is not included in the set. The image only illustrates how the curved fence can be placed in front of any window as a small balcony of sorts. If you want to place the balcony in front of a window on the second (third) floor of a house, do the following:
- place some floor tiles in front of the window first;
- draw the fence;
- delete the floor tiles;