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"Patio Set" Retro Metal Colors *UPDATED*

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2007 at 5:37 AM
Updated: 12th Apr 2007 at 2:56 PM - Edited the mesh
4.1.07 I've updated the mesh for the chair and the glider to stop the Sim's back from showing through when they lean back.

This set in in answer to a request for a 50s Retro Patio Set, I thought it looked like a do-able project so, here it is.

There are 8 new meshes, the chairs are all linked and the bench and dining chairs get their texture from the other patio chair. To recolor them all, just recolor the larger patio chair.

The set has a glass topped dining table, dining chairs, glider bench, glass topped coffee/end table, larger chair, the dining canopy, and an umbrella. The umbrella and the canopy are cloned on rugs so they will go anywhere without using the moveobjects on cheat, you will find them under Deco > Misc. The only problem is the sims will walk through the poles, I just put a pot of flowers near the poles to block them. The Windchime is a light, that can be found in the catalog, under Lighting > Misc.

I've noticed there are more downloads for the recolors then the meshes, this is just to let you know, you won't see any of the objects pictured here unless you download the meshes too. The recolors are only for these meshes.

The recolor pack includes red, green, creme, yellow, and dark blue, for all chairs, canopy and umbrella. The canopy and umbrella also have the multi-color recolors as well.

All packages were created using SimPE in base game mode so they should be compatible with all versions of the game, please let me know if you have any problem getting them to work in yours.

My Rules for My Meshes --
Free to recolor and post for download as you wish, as long as the mesh itself remains a FREE download. You are welcome to use it on any lots you post for download as well. Please do not take and post as your own, my work is to remain File-Share-Friendly.


Polygon Counts:
Retro Patio Dining Table 1114
Retro Patio Table 1114
Retro Patio Sunshade Umbrella 1356
Retro Patio Windchime Lantern 1135
Retro Patio Bench 2608
Retro Patio Canopy 784
Retro Patio Chair 1318
Retro Patio Dining Chair 1312