Large Town Clock

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Uploaded: 20th May 2007 at 4:57 AM
Updated: 19th Mar 2009 at 3:48 PM by -Maylin-
Hello everyone,

This is another one of my lastest creations I started 2 years ago and never got finished till now. It's a Town Clock which can be placed on the sides of buildings. At first, I didn't understand how to get the hands to work and positioned as they should be, so over time I messed around with MilkShape and the package and finally got it right. I want to say 'thanks' to IgnorantBliss for helping me get it to recolor and for the help on the wallshadow. She's a lifesavor in my eyes.

When I think of a project to create, I work on it till it's finished, and with this clock and my picnic table I uploaded too(look for that under outdoors and tables), They just weren't finished or right in my eyes and I would work on them when I had time because it would nag me that they weren't, so I finally got some spare time and finished them.

The clock was cloned from 'the Cheap Alarm Clock' and created in MilkShape back then and modified in Maya now and back to MilkShape for final settings for positions and imported with the mesh tool in the package. It can be found in the game under 'Electronics' and then 'Misc'.

There are 8 colors including the main one. It is color enabled, so if you would like to make your own recolors, your welcome to do so. If you do recolor and post them on a site, preferably here, leave a link to the main mesh here and give credit to the creator.

I uploaded some pics, of the different colors and one on a building, for you to see. I couldn't put the tan pic up since it would only let me upload 8 images.

I have played them in the game for about a week and they work fine in my game, but I would like if you would test them out and tell me if you have any problems with them.

You can download all of them at once with LargeTownClockPack or download separately. The main single one is the one without any color or number at the end.

As with all my creation, you can use for your own purpose, but please do not post on any paysites.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy them.


Polygon Counts:
Clock-360 faces, 319 vertices
hands each-20 faces, 32 vertices