Rx (A Custom Career)

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Uploaded 6th Jul 2007 at 1:02 AM · Updated 3rd Mar 2011 at 7:01 PM by whiterider

This is my first upload, ever. Alright, I had to say it. But I actually think this turned out well. it's been tested (by me) and works fine.

This career is for those who would like to work with pharmacists and such. I haven't uploaded any pictures besides the icon, and I'm not sure if I will upload any more images. I guess it depends on the success of the career.

I hope some of you will test this and tell me what you think.

There are 10 levels (of course). You start with cleaning the pharmacy and eventually work your way up the ladder to being a pharmacist yourself.

Please do not redistribute my stuff.

I hope you like it!

The 10 Positions:

Cleaning Crew - Yes, the job sucks, but you have to start somewhere. Getting rid of the hazardous trash is always something to get on the pharmacist's good side. At least the pharmacy will be clean.

General Phone Operator - Pharmacies get a lot of typical phone calls. The pharmacist is too busy to answer all the calls. You get to answer the simple calls and transfer them to the pharmacist.

Cashier - So now it's time for you to run the cash register. You get to interact with the customers and learn the regulars. You also are a step up on the pharmacy ladder.

Stocker - Now that you've mastered trash pick up and cashiering, you get to stock the meds for the shelves in the back. You can't be empty of someone's medication, can you?

Drop Off Cashier - There's at least a hundred customers a day who need to drop off a prescription. You get to man the computer station and type in the orders for the pharmacist.

Filler - The pharmacist must like you enough by now. You get to start counting and dispensing drugs. How fun!

Pharmacy Call Operator - You've worked with the phone before, but now you get to answer those tough customers who need real help, not just the store hours. You better pay attention, one small move could demote you.

Packager - Take those medications and put them in their respective bags, now! You get to handle all the drugs, package them, and make sure they are ready for pick up.

Pharmacy Tech - You are so close you can almost taste it! You now have all the abilities and responsibilities as the eight positions below you. You do almost everything that the pharmacist does, but you get paid less and are not certified.

Pharmacist - You are finally at the top of the ladder now! You are now the new pharmacist and can do everything and anything. Mixing drugs, taking phone calls, talking to doctors... it's all a breeze for you now. And you get loads of money!

There isn't any custom content besides the icon, which I've included an image of. If it's not already in the package, just right click the image and press save as...

There are chance cards for every level with two options and two outcomes each. I think there's a bug in the rewards part, so I'm going to have to take a look at it. If you don't mind not getting anything from the chance cards, then you won't worry. I'll work on this right away.

I hope I added everything this time. By the way, it should work with EPs and it doesn't overwrite any other career, as I've tested.

And yes, I know that you don't "work" your way up the ladder in real life. I should have mentioned that I was a pharm. tech a while. For the sake of the game, I made it like this. Stop hounding me, please. I'll do more corrections when I've found the time.

Age: Adult
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: All

Tags: #pharmacy career