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Library Career For Adults

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2008 at 12:27 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 5:24 PM by whiterider
This career is based on the structure of libraries within my own county council and my job as a library assistant. It's not exact but it's close enough! There are chance cards for all 10 levels and the reward is the teleprompter.

I tested it extensively in my own game which has all expansion packs installed and also checked it using Numenor's Any Game Starter with just the base game. It shouldn't overwrite any of the game careers, nor should it overwrite any other custom ones you have installed but if it does then please let me know.

Below is the description for each level.

Central Library Assistant:
Wage - $255
Hours - 9am-6pm
Days Worked - T W Th F Sa

You thought that working in a library would be a nice quiet job but now you realise that you couldn't have been more wrong! It's not just issuing and returning books it's shelving, dealing with enquiries, helping people with their computers, trying to placate angry customers, lugging around heavy deliveries, covering branch libraries and that stuff is just for starters! Still, your colleagues are great and when the desk is free of customers for the odd five minutes it makes you all the more grateful.

Reference AIC:
Wage - $340
Hours - 10am-5pm
Days Worked - T W Th F Sa

Now you're assistant in charge of the reference library your department is much quieter, but no less busy. When people want to find out about their family history or who lived in their house a hundred years ago it's you they come to for answers!

Senior Library Assistant:
Wage - $460
Hours - 10am-5pm
Days Worked - T W Th F Sa

You're back working on the main desk but with one main difference – this time you have to deal with most of the angry people! As SLA if things start to get out of hand it's up to you to step in and protect your staff. It's also up to you to deal with the most difficult enquiries and sort out cover for the branch libraries when your manager's off.

Branch Library Manager:
Wage - $600
Hours - 10am-5pm
Days Worked - M T Th F

This is much more like it! Your branch library is much quieter and the days much less busy . However, as there's only you and one other member of staff at the branch every day things can quite quickly get out of hand. It's your job to make sure the library stays tidy and running like clockwork – if it doesn't then you're the only person to blame!

Central Library Manager:
Wage - $650
Hours - 10am-4pm
Days Worked - T W Th F Sa

Away from the front desk at last! As manager of a central library there's a lot more paperwork and a lot more staff to deal with. If the library assistants or the SLA have a problem it's you that has to sort it out. Not only that but you also have to put up with the librarians who think they know what's best for the library when most of their decisions just end up making more trouble for you. On top of this you're also attending Library School part time trying to earn your own librarianship degree – after all it's much better to be making the bad decisions than being the one trying to sort out the trouble they cause.

Information Librarian:
Wage - $775
Hours - 11am-4pm
Days Worked - M T W Th F

All that hard work has finally paid off and you're in your first post as a librarian. As the information librarian for your council you're doing a lot of the same work as when you were a reference AIC, only this time the enquiries are much more difficult and the information's a heck of a lot harder to find.

Senior Librarian:
Wage - $1055
Hours - 10am-3pm
Days Worked - M T W Th F

You're now the senior librarian for your area and spend most of your time travelling around the branch libraries to check that things are working properly and attending meetings on various subjects from the people's network computers to whether the use of mobile phones in libraries should be banned (again). At least the money's good.

Area Manager:
Wage - $1580
Hours - 10am-3pm
Days Worked - T W Th F

This is the easy life! Now you get to spend most of your time locked in your office as the majority of the hard work is done by the people in positions below or above you.

Assistant Head of Libraries:
Wage - $2150
Hours - 11am-3pm
Days Worked - M T W Th

You're not just in charge of an area any more, you're in charge of the people in charge of them! All of the major decisions not worth bothering the Director of Library Services with go through you. It's also up to you to oversee any renovation work taking place in any of the twenty-seven libraries within the county – you even get to choose which hideously coloured carpet goes in!

Director for Libraries and Culture:
Wage - $3260
Hours - 11am-3pm
Days Worked - T W Th

You've finally made it to the top of the ladder so now it's time to kick back and relax a bit. You've got legions of staff underneath you to make the boring decisions, instead you're more concerned with promoting library services and trying to make them cool. Good luck with that.

EDIT 8/11/08:
I have written a teen/elder version of this career which I'm hoping to start coding this afternoon. As soon as it's done and tested I'll upload it here. As well as the addition of the teen/elder job ANox is very kindly translating the careers (both the adult and teen versions) into french. When I get the translated documents back I'll add the french versions here.

25/11/08 - The teen career is still on its way, I'm just having a few problems linking it up to this adult version at the moment. Sorry for the delay!

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded this career so far, I hope you're enjoying it

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Emma Barrett and her fabulous career tutorial.