Updated Rideable Tricycle - Requested

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2007 at 9:38 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2008 at 7:37 PM - Added Non EP Version and fixed errors
11/09/2007 - Added Base Game Compatible. I have tested this version with base game and this one is found under Knowledge/Exercise. I have only replaced the BecksRideableTricycleNoEP.zip it will work with any combination of EP too.

Please only download the file named BecksRideableTricycleNoEP.zip
it will work with all EP including BV.

09/22/07 Finally I found the problem that caused an error when toddlers get off. I've also redone the mesh.

09/01/07: Added Base Game compatiable version this version also fixes errors that have been reported. If you are having problems with the pets version please download the non ep version and delete the old version from your download directory. Both version have the same GUI's and will cause a conflict if you have both versions installed.

08/20/07: Added code to so children and toddlers will gain fitness. Thanks so much to niskye for the suggestion.

Phaenoh has wanted this for awhile now and I finally got it working close to what I wanted it to do.

Gizmo7680 also requested this. Thank you both for your request.

Note: Toddlers have to be in the same area of the tricycle to get the option to ride it. The play with option will come up if they are not close enough to the tricycle. There are 3 files required to have this work properly you need to have all of them in your download directory. The recolor is the only file that is not necessay.

This is found under General/All...I tried to setup a seperate classification you will sometimes find it under General. If it's the first time you go to General.

This tricycle can be ridden by both toddlers and children. They can also play with it like the remote car. Adults also have this option. Watching give all including pets fun.

Toddler get on by themselves using the pottychair animation to get on. Animation is a little strange but it works.

The kicking animation that I used came from the high chair and gives the appearance of toddler peddling the trike.

I've included a pink recolor, I do find that when toddler end riding the trike that the original color (red) returns. I have had this problem with my other rideable items and have not been able to figure out the cause of this. Please don't report this as a bug as most likely I will not be able to fix it.

For those with Pet Stories I tested this it and and it work great.

Additional Credits:
MissAldith for her great toddlers the one pictured can be found here:
FeeEssen for her rideable helicoptor found here:
Without out her I'd never have found out about Shaklin. FeeEssen besides being a great creator is also a wonderful person to know.

Shaklin a retired creator that created the first rideable item that I know of. She allowed us to clone her items although I did not do this as I wanted to learn how to do these things myself. I did use some of her very clever ideas.

Echo for her great tutorials and answers to question on coding that she has been so helpful with.

Thanks all of you so much for all the help you ladies have gaven me with my creations.