3 Funny Untuckable Layered Tees

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Uploaded 25th Aug 2007 at 11:56 PM · Updated 26th Aug 2007 at 10:43 PM by fanseelamb : fixing default pic

I basically found a few tees I thought would be really funny in-game and put their logo on HystericalParoxysm's untucked layered tees. They are all from palmercash.com. The mesh for the tops is included in the .zips.

^Says "I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself"

^Says "I'm kind of a big deal around here"

^Says "We be illin'...Sacred Heart" from my favorite show scrubs.

Additional Credits:
All credit for the shirt goes to HystericalParoxysm and FanseeLamb for the shirt textures and the awesomeness that is Untuckables.

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