Multi Pollination Technician Pack - Featuring LL30 Sims

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2008 at 4:01 PM
So after seeing these amazing Pollination techs here at MTS2, I decided I wanted to do my own Multi pack of PT's. So I've edited Fwiffo's Multi PT hack to offer you a pack featuring LinusLover30's Quinn Deccard, Tavv Stareck and Harper Bradley in addition to my very own Valerie Vancouver as your PT's.

You can only have one Multi PT pack in your game at a time!

I don't know what happens with two but it's best to figure your game would explode in a fiery ball of death.

So here are your PT's in their Human form (except for Harper)

And in PT form:

And here are a few offspring as an example of their delicious genetics.

Tavv's alien kiddos:

And Valerie's alien kiddos:

Down below on the attached thumbnails you can also see Harper's kids, and Quinn's kids, as well as the test mother I used to spawn all these babies.


Fwiffo, for the original hack
Swampcandy, for linking the tutorial for me and for being so awesome and helping me fix what went wrong :D
Kiki, for helping me with my problems and suggesting using LL30 sim's
and last but not least Keely of LL30 for being so full of win and letting me use her sims

You guys are awesome.

Additional Credits:
Hair on test mother is from SAU, hair on Quinn's daughter from Raon, hair on Harper's daughter from Nouk, hair on Valerie's daughter from Raon

Various makeup from Bruno and Rensim

Skintones from Kiki of Phasmatic, Phasmaxian skintones.