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Southwestern Style is all about bold color! Even colors that you'd think would look terrible together, somehow, look great. I retrieved the floorplan for this house from the 1937 Sears and Roebuck catalogue. Back then, they would have completely built the house for you for $5940.00...or, you could do it yourself for $2146.00... (of course, during the Great Depression, you were very lucky if you had $10.00) Anyway...on to the "must haves" if you want to duplicate this lot...

The screen walls used for the rear sleeping porch are courtesy of Rebecah
and can be found here:

The trellises are a free offering :

The outdoor lighting, pots you see on the porch as well as the plants in them, along with the leaf waterfall fountain are by Buggybooz... I really like this collection..."Lilly's Secret Garden" found here:

The flower boxes and primroses are by macarossi....(you just don't have landscaping if you don't have macarossi's stuff) you can find them here:

The "closets" which are a "must have" if you are building from blueprints or floor plans are by Marmy and can be found here:

The ornamental black iron fencing is by Corvidophile (thanks, do such beautiful work) and can be found here:

The mesh for the 2 tile sofa of substance is by Lucas at :
( objects/living rooms-page 7 top of page)
all of Cathy's recolors for this living room as well as matching drapes are on this page as well

the black iron balconies are by Nanism and can be found here:

the bedding is part of a free offering from :
you will find it on their opening page

Thank you all for your time and talent!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 169,751

Custom Content by Me:
- Southwestern Style Sofa Recolor
- Elvira0731 
- Hopi Indian Wall Hanging
- Southwestern Rug Recolor
- Southwestern Style Sofa Recolor
- A softer side of SouthWesternElvira0731 
- A true SouthWestern MotifElvira0731 
- A softer side of Southwestern 
- Elvira0731 
- A softer side of the SouthWestElvira0731 

Custom Content Included:
- 1 Tile Window with Surround by macarossi
- ATS Irish Pub - Dining chair 001 by Sandy
- Brought to you By Cathy at  by Cathy
- Georgian French Door by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian French Double Doors by phoenix_phaerie
- Fancy Wooden Grand Gate by naschev
- Fancy Wooden Window Fence by naschev
- Elvira0731  by Elvira0731
- Tuscan Sun tiles by Elvira0731
- Elvira0731  by Elvira0731
- Elvira0731  by Elvira0731
- Painting by Elvira0731
- "Bowl of Plastic Fruit" by Taroo
- 3-tile Club Distress Avignon Rectangular Coffee Table by IgnorantBliss
- Bedding Mathcing Cornerstone Victoriana Velvet Drapes by IgnorantBliss
- saharastuccowall by Elvira0731
- Elvira0731for those who can't get enough of the rooster motif  by Elvira0731
- A softer side of SouthWestElvira0731  by Elvira0731

Additional Credits:
Delphy, Numenor, RGiles...and anyone else having anything to do with SimPE and our terrific MTS2 community.. Group hug!

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