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I love to build and recolor. Anything that I have created is, for all intents and purposes, the intellectual property of EA/Maxis. Do whatever you'd like... but, please, do not post to pay sites...
If there is a specific type of lot you want for your game, let me know. I love a good challenge.

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  • Paddle Wheel Park

    by Red Sonja 23rd Mar 2018 at 10:57pm , updated 7th Apr 2018 at 4:25am

    NOLA Riverboat lot more...

    +11 packs 14 8.3k 21

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

    by Red Sonja 17th Mar 2018 at 3:57am

    the oldest bar in the US located in New Orleans more...

    +11 packs 4 7.6k 18

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Southern Plantation Style

    by Red Sonja 11th Mar 2018 at 5:00pm

    Plantation style mansion more...

    +9 packs 17 14.7k 25

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Creole Shotgun House.... A Sims Starter Home

    by Red Sonja 1st Mar 2018 at 3:28am

    A small, New Orleans starter home more...

    +8 packs 12 6.5k 16

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Hever Castle

    by Red Sonja 25th Feb 2018 at 6:53am

    Childhood home of Anne Boleyn more...

    +9 packs 8 11.4k 32

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Bourbon Street Hotel

    by Red Sonja 17th Feb 2018 at 2:38am

    a 19th century New Orleans French Quarter Hotel more...

    +10 packs 10 9k 15

    Lots & Housing » Lodging

  • The French Quarter Garden District

    by Red Sonja 14th Feb 2018 at 4:33am

    A New Orleans style mansion more...

    +12 packs 13 12.4k 28

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • A Provincial Life

    by Red Sonja 2nd Feb 2018 at 11:18pm

    provincial and baroque elements for your sim bedrooms more...

    +8 packs 17 10.6k 26

    By Room » Bedroom » Beds

  • Hampton Court Palace

    by Red Sonja 20th Jan 2018 at 5:12am

    Cardinal Wolsey's great house more...

    +11 packs 18 8.8k 17

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Hatfield (Old House) Palace

    by Red Sonja 12th Jan 2018 at 9:13pm

    an historic build more...

    +11 packs 5 8.3k 14

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Medieval Village Church

    by Red Sonja 7th Jan 2018 at 8:10pm

    a smaller church for small towns more...

    +9 packs 12 8.7k 15

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Medieval French Cathedral

    by Red Sonja 5th Jan 2018 at 4:08am

    church patterned loosely after Chartres Cathedral, France more...

    +11 packs 15 9.1k 19

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Simnuts 1 story Italian Windows and Recolor

    by Red Sonja 1st Jan 2018 at 5:54pm

    circa 1705 Italian 1 story windows and walnut recolor more...

  • 18th Century Italian Walnut Doors and Arches

    by Red Sonja 30th Dec 2017 at 9:42pm

    recolor of Simnuts door and arch set more...

  • Romantic Shabby Chic

    by Red Sonja 30th Dec 2017 at 3:56am

    victorian style walls more...

    +9 packs 3 4.7k 5

    Build Mode » Walls and Floors » Wall Covering

  • A Noble Country Home

    by Red Sonja 25th Dec 2017 at 5:22am

    Late 18th to early 19th century house more...

    +13 packs 13 9.9k 27

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Regency Bedroom Recolors

    by Red Sonja 9th Dec 2017 at 6:40pm

    recolors done in regency/second empire/ georgian/ colonial style more...

    +13 packs 5 6.6k 11

    By Room » Bedroom » Other objects

  • Victorian Romance

    by Red Sonja 2nd Dec 2017 at 8:31pm

    crusticus dresser, home style end table and truffle set recolors more...

    +13 packs 4 8.6k 32

    By Room » Bedroom » Other objects

  • 18th Century Noble Bedrooms

    by Red Sonja 18th Nov 2017 at 5:12pm , updated 6th Feb 2018 at 2:54am

    1700's style recolors for TSM king and queen beds more...

    +13 packs 10 8.2k 19

    By Room » Bedroom » Beds

  • Victorian Autumn

    by Red Sonja 29th Oct 2017 at 6:02pm

    Seasons Theme submission more...

    +9 packs 9 9k 17

    Lots & Housing » Residential