Audrey Kitching

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 11:22 PM

Audrey Kitching is a 22 year old alternative model who has become a well known ‘internet celebrity’ through online networking sites such as myspace and buzznet. She is best known for her pink hair and for being the one time girl friend of Brendan Urie. You can find out more about Audrey by visiting her pages on buzznet and myspace.
Audrey is my first attempt at simming a real person so she took me quite a while to make but I’m happy with the result. Of course there is always room for improvement but I think I’ve managed to get a decent resemblance.


I have made five outfits for Audrey. There are three casual outfits, one lingerie/PJs and one swimwear. None of them are exact copies of outfits that she has worn for the simple fact that I’d have found that really boring to create. Instead I mixed and matched elements of different outfits and added a few of my own touches. They are all maxis recolours so there is no need to go hunting around for any meshes. Included in the package file is the skelanimals everyday wear. If you want the rest of the clothes you will have to download the AudreyClothes rar as well.


Audrey come packaged with maxis hair but I have made four edits of various meshes that look like some of Audrey’s hairstyles. These are in the AudreyHair rar if you want them. Please note that this does not include the meshes so you will have to download them from the links below.

The mesh for the style with the headband is mesh54 by XMSims.
The mesh for the long hair with the braid is here by Ren. (I’ll be uploading more colours of this retexture soon).
The mesh for the two ficking out styles is Myos #12 from the Sims Artists Union.

Custom Content by Me:
- Myos Edit Dark Pink by _alaina at MTS2
- Myos Edit Light Pink by _alaina at MTS2
- Ren Retexture by _alaina at MTS2
- XM Sims Retexture Edit by _alaina at MTS2
- Audrey Sim by _alaina at MTS2
- Vitric Eyes Brown by _alaina at MTS2
- LiquiGleam Gloss by _alaina at MTS2
- Nose Ring by _alaina at MTS2
- Glamour Lash Mascara by _alaina at MTS2
- Audrey Skintone by _alaina at MTS2
- Skelanimals Casual Wear by _alaina at MTS2
- Alice Cooper Casual Wear by _alaina at MTS2
- Leopard Print Leggings Casual Wear by _alaina at MTS2
- Pink Lingerie/PJs by _alaina at MTS2
- Sequin Bikini by _alaina at MTS2

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows #2 - black1|by Ina @ Kamikitten by Ina @ Kamikitten
- Skin Tint - raspberry| by KamiKitten
- LaPink - Beauty Rush Shadows by La Pink
- jayurban12 by jayurban12

Additional Credits:
Big thank you to hrekkjavaka astarkort for all the help and advice she gave me on how to achieve a good likeness. Without her my sim would look nothing like Audrey.