Restless Eyes Collection - 12 Colours *and contacts*

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Uploaded 4th Sep 2007 at 6:07 PM

Seeing as I enjoyed making my first set of eyes, I decided to make some more. So here we have my Restless Eyes Collection. These are a little more intense than the first and have a nice shiny wet look to them. I must say, I do like these better than the first set. There are twelve colours this time, all of which are relatively natural and realistic but still vibrant so they are by no means boring. As you can see on my lovely model, Tina.

And for any commitment-phobic sims who can't quite manage to choose between colours, I've also made all of these eyes available as contacts. So you can change them as often as you like. The contacts are found under costume makeup and can be layered with other masks.

As I stated before, I don’t make defaults but if anyone particularly wants to make some out of these, feel free.

Here are the full range of colours:

Credits for model Tina:
Skin by @stefan (MTS2)
Hair by noema (MTS2) mesh by
Eyeliner by
Eyeshadow and lips by bruno (MTS2)
Brows by
Clothes and headband by me (not released)

Tags: #restless, #realistic, #vibrant, #shiny