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Cats & Grass

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2007 at 4:09 PM
Updated: 28th Aug 2011 at 9:56 AM by leesester - fix img tags
I made some stuff... I guess the young kids might call this a "mash-up"... meaning it's just a bunch of stuff that only goes together if you mash it, I think...

Anyway, this is just some stuff...

My favorite thing in this bunch of stuff is the cat statue. It's based on a set of three hand carved wooden cats I just bought off of the e-bay. They are really cute, and so are the ones I made for the game I started off with wood textures, and then on a whim made some stone textures, and they look really cool...

My second fave thing is the new outdoor shrub, it's just another of those ground cover type shrubs that I like so much, nothing special really, but wow I think it looks really nice in the game... I almost hate to bury it in this set, because people might not find it if they only go to the garden section...

Lemme see... so the other items are

Snapdragons in a Glass Bowl...

Snapdragons in a Glass Bowl made for 2 tile table so it lands in the middle like it should

These are in the sculpture area

Round and Square Wooden Planters...
3 different sizes of Both
Made with the same mesh as the ground shrub...

These are in the Decorative Plants

A larger Sun wallhanging YOU NEED SEASONS FOR THE SUN bescause all I did was resize it...

4 different 'Plant Stands'
also known as tiny little end tables and coffee tables...
2 versions in a stone finish, 2 versions in a smooth wood finish...

Ok I think that's all of it...
Check out the pics underneath for specs pics
I hope you guys like it

Polygon Counts:
Green Leafy Outdoor Shrub - 632
Snaps in Bowl - 1246
Snaps in Bowl2 - 1246
Cat1 - 1436
Cat2 - 1436
Larger Sun - 1578
Square Planter Tall - 988
Square Planter Med - 876
Square Planter Short - 764
Round Green1 - 768
Round Green2 - 768
Round Green3 - 768
Round Stone Plant Stand2 - 543
Round Stone Plant Stand1 - 543
Round Wooden Plant Stand1 -428
Round Wooden Plant Stand2 -428

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