Shrubby Shrubs!

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2007 at 2:52 PM
Updated: 22nd Sep 2007 at 8:43 AM
So, I've been building, and building means I end up landscaping though I'm terrible at it, and I was shocked... there's not one dang shrubby shrub that comes with the game! Oh, sure, you can get shrubby trees and shrubby flower bushes... but not one dang shrubby shrub to be found!

So, like I often do when I'm flabbergasted at stuff, I made some stuff to fill that gap.

Gentlemen, behold! I give you... shrubby shrubs!

Four Sizes: I have created four different sizes, so you can mix and match and get a very natural look. They look quite good if you kind of taper off as you get to the outside of a clump of them, using smaller ones on the outer edges and larger ones toward the center. They also clump well with the hibiscus tree, so you kind of have five sizes.

Repository/Slave Linked Textures: Because it's just a kickass technique, and because I like doing it so much, these shrubby shrubs are linked to the Maxis hibiscus ("Midbiscus") tree. All of my recolours will show up for the hibiscus tree (making it even more useful) as well as all four of my shrubby shrubs. For additional recolours, you'd recolour the hibiscus tree, and it and all of my meshes would get your new recolour. Huge thanks to IgnorantBliss for the tutorial on how to do that.

New Recolours: I've done four recolours of the hibiscus tree that work for these... green with no flowers (looks just like the hibiscus but no flowers), dark green, a sort of silvery green, and a bit of a muddy olive green.

1 Tile: These, unlike the flowers I did previously, are not walk-through-able. They are all one tile objects, though, and the larger ones do exceed that 1 tile size so sims may collide with some of the outer foliage. Since I couldn't make them 1.5 tile and 2 tile was too big, this seemed like it'd work fine.

Purely Decorative: These bushes do not need to be trimmed or tended in any way. They're not really real bushes. Just plastic.

Garden Center: Due to popular demand, I have categorized these not in decorative objects, but actually in the build mode catalog where bushes normally show up.

Price: 50 simoleons, so they're quite affordable.

Of course you may include these with your house uploads to any free site with a link and credit.

Polygon Counts:
All four meshes (jumbo, large, medium, and small) have the same poly count: 1722 polygons, 1146 vertices.

While this is considerably lower than the original hibiscus tree, they're still not super low poly and they're the sort of thing you tend to use over and over, so just be a little sparing with them, especially on a big lot.

Additional Credits:
IgnorantBliss, for the great tutorial on repository textures.
Everyone who's contributed to the development of SimPE.
Everyone in #create who listened to me whine about these silly things.
Stormwench, for listening to me whine extra much.

Currently not base game-compatible for some inexplicable reason - I am investigating further why this is and will be fixing it as soon as I discover the cause. These work fine for me in all EPs up to Seasons and I bet they'll work with less, just... not the base game only at the moment. Grawr.