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Gothic Wear V2

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2008 at 8:05 AM
Updated: 3rd Sep 2008 at 4:30 PM

Hi all!

Today I bring you my latest creation for all of you fellow simmers - Gothic Wear V2.

All 5 outfits are seperate tops and bottoms. Tops are by Maxis but you'll need mesh from Q3tbo for the pants which can be found here:


Each zip file is complete with top and bottom based on the title shown for each outfit. I've also made seperate zips for the extra recolors of Maschine Zeit and Vyperpunk set.

* Maschine Zeit - Blue, Green, Purple, and Magenta.
* Vyperpunk - Blue, Green, Purple, Fuchsia and Magenta

I would like to thanks Q3tbo for her great mesh and I also would like to thanks HIM666 for her gorgeous model, Laurence. He's absolutely stunning in-game. Thanks *hugs*.

Hope you guys like them, happy simming and rock on \m/....



I don't take requests but....

You may:
* Include my creation in your package sims with credit. A link back to thread is much appreciated.
* Redistribute them to any other sites that are FREE.
* Use my texture for your own personal use. You don't need my permission for this. If you're planning on uploading them, please keep the credit.
* Of course, use my skin in snapshots, movies, stories, avatars, etc...with or without credit. No permission needed.

You may not:
* Upload or redistribute my creation to any PAY-related sites.
* Use my texture for profit if you're planning on uploading them, not just Sims 2 but for another game also.
* Include my recolors of Q3tbo's meshes if you're planning to upload my stuffs outside of MTS2. I strongly suggest you to PM Q3tbo first for permission to include my recolors in your package. Respect her policy too.


Additional Credits:
Laurence Sim by HIM666
Accesories : Sims4Rent Nail Polish and SimderZ lip piercing.
Hair: Sshodan, MyoS at Sims Artist Union, Raonjena, and Maxis.
Hack: Decorgal Modeling Poses

Special thanks to my favorite Industrial bands that I've used their song title and logos for my download promo pics i.e Dope Stars Inc., Deathstars, Latexxx Teens, Angelspit and Psyclon Nine. They have made such a cool and awesome music indeed and worth to check them out.