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"Massive Wood" Dining Set

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2008 at 9:48 AM
Updated: 6th May 2008 at 6:51 AM

Edit: I got an PM reporting a problem with the filenames (I used german letters in three files). I changed the names in the chair recolors rar, but I would like to know if someone else had the same problem? Or has problems still?
Update: Same Problem with the white rattan recolor. Should be fixed now.

The "Massive Wood" Set consists of following objects:

A Dining Chair
The cushioned seat comes in 8 plain-coloured and 8 partly striped designs.
The legs come in 9 different woods

The One-tile Table
comes in 9 different woods

The Two-tile Table
is linked to the one-tile table for recolors

The One-tile Coffeetable
is linked to the one-tile table for wood recolors
has a rattan basket in 5 colors + one invisible recolor

The Two-tile Coffeetable
is linked to the one-tile table for wood recolor and to the one-tile coffeetable for rattan recolors

Known Issues
- Because of the design/size of the table it blends into the wall if placed directly aside.
- Sometimes a slight seam is visible in the middle of the larger tables

Terms Of Use
Basically, do what you want to (recolor; modify mesh/use textures to make matching items; include in lots etc.)
Just remember some things:
- NO paysites
- if included in lots, remember to include the master files as well, because otherwise the slave objects won't work.
- don't reupload my files somewhere as your work (should go without saying...)

It would be great if you PM me and tell me if you recolored something, because I would like to have the recolors for my own game.

Oh, and if someone wants the Photoshop document with al the differrent layers, PM me too.

(Everything in the screenshots is maxis', ecept the white stone floor, which is mine)

Polygon Counts:
Chair: 794 faces
One-tile table: 326 faces
Two-tile table: 380 faces
One-tile coffeetable: 666 faces (<- evil coffeetable *lol*)
Two-tile coffetable: 974 faces

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the people responsible for the tools I used (blender, simpe).
Thanks for all the usefull tutorials.
Thanks to everyone who ever helped me out when I had a problem.