Livingroom "Bibliothek" - Update: Now with desk, chair and corner bookcases!

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2008 at 7:16 PM
Updated: 3rd May 2009 at 9:21 AM - Update
Update 13.2.08 : Added a desk, a chair and corners for the bookcases!
The chair gets its texture from the loveseat, so it needs that file to work!
Same with the desk (gets texture from sideboard) and the bookcases (from "hangingbookcase1")

I've been working on this set a long time now (with breaks of.....ehm...several months in between... ) and I was originally planning to make more elements for the bookcases (corners, etc.), more sofa recolors and versions of the bookcases with expansion-pack functions. I might add them later, but I thought it would be better to just upload what I had by now.

The "Bibliothek" Livingroom consists of:

A bookcase system with three different tall bookcases, two shorter bookcases and two hanging bookcases (decorative).
It comes in nine wood colors and two recolors of the books.
All textures are linked to the "hangingbookcase1".
Because they are meshed to join if placed side by side they are a bit bigger than one tile.

A sideboard, an endtable and two coffeetables in the same wood colors.
All textures are linked to the sideboard.
The books in the sideboard are seperatly recolorable

One sofa and one loveseat with six different leather frames and seven different cushions and pillows.
Textures of the sofa are linked to the loveseat.
Unfortunately I could not make the cushion-texture smaller without losing all the detail on the pillows, so it's kind of big (1024x512). Sorry for that.

Polygon Counts:
bookcase1: 626 faces
bookcase2: 616 faces
bookcase3: 572 faces
hangingbookcase1: 283 faces
hangingbookcase2: 198 faces
shortbookcase1: 282 faces
shortbookcase2: 235 faces
coffeetable1-tile: 402 faces
coffeetable2-tile: 708 faces
endtable: 548 faces
sideboard: 1010 faces
sofa: 2522 faces
loveseat: 1902 faces
desk: 624 faces
chair: 668 faces
short corner bookcase: 369 faces
tall corner bookcase: 695 faces
hanging corner bookcase: 368 faces