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Diligent Visitor Controller 080712 B

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2008 at 12:25 AM
Updated: 18th Jul 2008 at 2:10 PM
by Christianlov @ Daum Syabrina Sims

Category: General (Kite Painting)
Price: $0


Diligent Visitor controller is a sort of simple worker service controller. It will check if there are loitering visitors on player's lot and force them to do house work as part-time maid, gardener, handyman and homework doer. Also you can schedule a townie sim to work for you every morning periodically. Scheduled sim will be summoned automatically and will work on your lot for a while. You can also pay $ to worker sim using option.

Controlling Type

There are three types of service.

One is watching loitering visitors and forcing them to work randomly. It will see if there are autonomous visitors on lot, and let them work for you. This is a "free" service.

Second one is scheduling a sim to provide service every day. Scheduled sim will appear on lot every morning and work. This can charge you $.

The last one is summoning a sim as a temporary one time worker. This also can charge you $ using option.


Schedule: Schedule a neighbor as a part time worker.
Remove SimFullName: Remove schedule.
Summon Worker: Summon a townie and force him/her to work for you temporarily.
Option.../Pay to Sim: Pay is same with that of maid. $5 for initial fee, and $10 per hour. This pay option will be applied to sims explicitly summoned by "Schedule" and "Summon".
Option.../Watch Loitering Visitors: Choose if you want to watch loitering visitors and force them to work or not. Because these loitering visitors won't charge you like the scheduled or summoned workers, you can turn on/off if you want to pay $ for service.


1. This is not a global hack.
2. It will be compatiable with all versions of TS2. Tested in TS2 Uni.
3. While workers are doing their job, you may not be able to interact with them because a maximum priority queue is pushed on them.



1. Workers will handle roahces as well.
2. More strict filtering woker candidates pool.

080712 B:

1. Fix for base game users.
2. Several minor fixes.