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Multiple Pollination Technicians - with or without custom genetics

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2008 at 2:09 PM
Updated: 27th Jul 2012 at 1:09 AM
I’ve been using Fwiffo’s second multiple pollination technician hack for ages but the more alien births I had the more unsatisfied I became. It wasn’t that the aliens aren’t pretty, far from it, they just aren’t my style – they stick out like a sore thumb in my ‘hoods and not in the right way. I wanted aliens that would look like aliens but still have the same feel as the rest of my sims, after looking around for a while I realised that the only way I would get this would be if I made my own, something I ruled out having never made and custom content before.

Then I found this fantastic tutorial by Simgaroop and decided to give it a go.

I've made four aliens that match my own personal style and given each of them exaggerated features that make them stand out but should still mesh well when bred (at least they do in my game - see attached images for examples). There are two variants offered here, one which uses custom genetics and one that only uses the default skin and eyes.

The first version (the one I'm using) consists of one P.T. that uses the default skin and eyes (shown using my default replacements) and three that use custom skin and eyes:

1. Has black hair, a thin face, sloping nose and pointy ears.
2. Has brown hair, a very flat nose, recessed chin and small pointy ears, she reminds me of a fish from the side.
3. Has blonde hair, large eyes, nose, lips and ears.
4. Has red hair, extreme eyebrows, downturned mouth and pointy ears.

Important - the custom genetics are not included, you must download the files linked below for this to appear as shown
Blue skin – Zoen’s skin
Ivory skin – Ivory tattooed you can also find it here (probably easier to get the right skin)
Purple skin – Purple skin the skin is no longer avalible in the main post, but has been reuploaded and can be found here
Eyes – TSR Sets > eyes > Space oddity, you need MajorBlue, Offbeat and Izmir

Alternatively you can have a version that only uses default skin and eyes, the face sculpts and hair colour used are identical to the first version.

Recommended files
Which ever version you choose I recommend you download Theo's Unlock alien eyes for all skintones so that the alien eyes will show on all skintones
I also recommend you get some alien eye contacts for your teen's otherwise they will show with the eyes painted on the skin which looks pretty strange, I use these but there are others available.

To use either of these sets download the file of your choice ("Widget's Multi PT set" if you want the custom genetic, "Widget's Multi PT set - no CC" if you don't) and unzip it into your Downloads folder.

Remember you can't have more than one of these mods at the same time so remove or disable any other multiple pollination technician hack you might have, you don't have to remove the PT files though.

Additional Credits:
Fwiffo for the original mod and the kit that made creating this so much simpler
Simgaroop for the very user-friendly tutorial
Default alien skin by Pooklet at Garden of Shadow
Default alien eyes by Skittlebox on livejournal