Regal CAS

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Uploaded 5th Oct 2008 at 1:44 AM

As much as I hate to think about how much money I've spent on all these darn EP's and SP's, I've gotta say that the more I add, the more the EAxis basegame objects look boring. Case in point: the CAS screen. I give them an A for effort but overall it's such a bland look! Time to spruce it up!

Lovely ladies deserve a lovely place to put their faces on. This CAS gives our wonderful women a cozy powder room in which to assemble themselves, with a fancy vanity and a vast bookshelf where our dears can quickly grab a literary quip before entertaining their male counterparts. Once the beauties are ready for their adoring public, a grand parlor decked out with gold candelabras and a large portrait of the lady of the manor is where they shall frolic. How divine!

This CAS has been created using the lovely AnyGameStarter by the wonderful Numenor, so there'll be no random pets or freezing sims. Just simply plop into your Downloads folder and start making those lovely ladies!

While there are no downloads required for this CAS to work, I strongly recommend utilizing Windkeeper's empty CAS tools in order to fully appreciate all the beauty to be beheld!

I will happily consider any CAS-theme requests as long as they fall within the following rules:

-They don't require objects from Pets, OFB, Seasons, BV, or any stuff packs other than Teen Style or IKEA

-They don't require any CC unless it's allowed to be included in lot uploads by the original creator

-They follow a theme easily creatable within the game (i.e. space or sports)

-You're not requesting a YACAS (don't bother, I won't do it)

-Your request is written legibly in such a way that I don't require a translator to figure out what the heck you want

Enjoy the screenies!

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