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gucci spring summer 2009

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2008 at 4:19 AM
hey there guys here i go with the gucci spring summer collection for 2009, filled with a lot of blue colours gold long neclaces and sexy cuts

4 outfits

a black suit open blouse and long neclace perfect for a day out on the town or the empowering sim that oowns her own boutique.

the blue thank top is perfect for the efortless chique sim. who takes hours getting dress but looks like she just trew something on.

a blue gorgeous gown with blue gems on the side. half cut dresses are the thing of the season. and this dress gives a WHOLE new way of showing of cleavage with its gorgeous split across the breast accents all those good assets

and lastly a half cut blue dress with big gemstones for the more conservative woman. perfect for the black tie event.

i think i spended more time on the add than the outfits haha enjoy you guys


Additional Credits:
bb-knights by Marvine:

long blond hair by me the origanal mesh from helgasims http://www.helgasims.com/hair12.htm

short blond hair mesh from maxis recoloured by me

enjoy you guys