150th Upload- 3 Tactical Cruisers

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Uploaded 19th Nov 2008 at 5:23 PM

These 3 lots are based on the designs of some smaller Starfleet cruisers. When Starfleet realized it was ill-equipped for defense against the Borg threat, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau began to change its project strategies from larger, multi-purpose Explorer and Heavy Cruiser ship types to smaller, more combat-oriented Destroyers and Tactical Cruisers. These ship types were usually compact, manuverable, and well-armed
The Defiant class's design was a direct response to the Federation's devastating loss at the Battle of Wolf 359. It is a limited-role, heavily armed combat vessel. This is a re-meshed and completely remodeled version of a lot I uploaded a while ago.
The Saber class a slightly larger design, also designed to respond to the Borg threat. The Saber class's hull had a very unique shape.
The Serpent Class is a non-canon design I found while browsing Star Trek Armada 2 downloads. It can be designated either a long-range scout or a tactical cruiser. It's a little more lightly armed than the other 2 cruisers, but it can defend itself well enough.

I really wanted to make these lots special and so I took some time to redesign a lot of the furniture included. The new versions overwrite the older versions, so if you're comfortable with the older versions, don't download these lots.
The changes I made are as follows:
Biobed- re-mesh (less choppy-looking)
Defiant Class Add-on- Bunk Bed- Cleaned up textures, added a seperate subset for the LCARS panels
Defiant Class Captain's Chair- Retextured, added LCARS subset
Defiant Class Warpcore and Interphase Cloaking Device- made metal subsets less shiny, added glass subset
Intrepid Class Transporter Console and Sovereign Class Engineering Console- added Lcars subsets for more detail, fixed textures
Janeway Desk- Fixed groundshadow
Janeway Desk Chair- Fixed TXMT (removed bluish glow from white color option)
Janeway Dining Chair- Re-meshed (less choppy-looking)
Medical Bed and Surgical Bed- Added LCARS subsets for more detail, retextured, added glass subset to Surgical Bed
Picard Dinind Chair- Re-meshed (less choppy-looking)
Sovereign Class Ops and Helm- Re-meshed (less choppy-looking)
Transporter Pad- Re-meshed, added a recolor
I also re-meshed the Sovereign class wall console. The bridge consoles are recolors of the Sovereign Class Astral Cartography Console.

Lot information:
Defiant Class- 4x3, 76,000
Saber Class- 4x3, 114,000
Serpent Class- 4x3, 106,000

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 115, 000

Custom Content by Me:
- Captain's Quarters Living Chair
- Captain's Quarters Table- Glass
- Captain's Quarters Table
- Defiant Class Add-on- Bunk Bed
- Defiant Class Add-on- Personal LCARS Interface
- Defiant Class Captain's Chair
- Defiant Class Duty Chair
- Defiant Class Warp Core
- Intrepid Class Conference Table
- Intrepid Class Medical Console
- Intrepid Class Transporter Console
- Invisible Computer for Consoles
- Invisible 1x1 table
- Janeway-type Dining Table
- Jupiter Station 2x2 Science Console
- Jupiter Station Lab Shelf Deco
- Jupiter Station Lab Shelves
- Starfleet Medical Bed
- Picard-type Dining Chair
- Picard-type Living Chair
- Serpent Class Hull
- Serpent Class Nacelle Light
- Sisko-type Living Chair
- Sovereign Class Engineering Console
- Sovereign Class Helm
- Sovereign Class Ops Console
- Sovereign Class Port Engineering Console
- Sovereign Class Starboard Engineering Console
- Starfleet Double Bed
- Starfleet Surgical Bed
- Transporter Pad
- Transporter Pad Recolor
- Defiant Class Add-on- Crew Quarters Chair
- Defiant Class Long Range Scan recolor
- Defiant Class MSD recolor
- Defiant Class Ops recolor
- Defiant Class Tactical Recolor
- Defiant Class Helm
- Janeway-type Desk Chair
- Janeway-type Desk
- Janeway-style Dining Chair
- 1x1 Science Console
- Observation Lounge Table
- Saber Class Hull
- Saber Class MSD recolor
- Saber Class Nacelle Lights
- Sovereign Class Astral Cartography Console
- Defiant Class Hull
- Starfleet Biobed
- Defiant Class Nacelle Lights
- Interphase Cloaking Device
- Klingon Mess Table
- Sisko-type Desk Chair
- Sisko-style Desk

Custom Content Included:
- Invisible Tile by Frillen
- The Space Center by Olemantiker
- "Ascension V2" -by Targa by Targa
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- Alchemy Flask by crocobaura
- Alchemy Conical Flask by crocobaura
- Sims2Germany Toilet Request by DJ_Mur3
- "Lune Attic" Laboratory Decor by Kate
- "Lune Attic" Laboratory Decor by Kate
- L9T Barely There Shower by lara9taylor
- L9T Barely There Shower recolor by lara9taylor
- @ Metal Bunk Bed (Top Bunk) by Atavera (retired)
- "Living Space" Wall Mirror by Kate
- Match the Sf classic walls.Pixelhate. 2008.  by pixelhate
- Ando Exterior 15 by StephSim  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 106  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 60  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 82  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 83  by StephSim
- SimCo Toledo Balance by HChangeri
- StephSim's FLOOR Orion 03  by StephSim
- Xanathon HighTech Lightpanel Type "V" by xanathon
- Starfleet Standard Issue Desk Computer by xanathon
- Microscope by crocobaura
- Finish Dining Table by Kate
- "Lune Attic" Bunsen Lamp by Kate
- "Scape" Loveseat by Kate
- Finish Aquarium by Kate
- "Hydrosphere" Sink by Kate
- "Hydrosphere" Wall Mirror by Kate
- Cargo Zone 01...von olemantiker  by Olemantiker
- Ando Exterior 17 by StephSim  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 56  by StephSim
- Shuttle Typ 9 Model by xanathon
- The Space Center by Olemantiker
- "Scape" Armchair by Kate
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 55  by StephSim
- main viewer by xanathon

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #star trek, #starfleet, #starship, #sci-fi