Cheyenne Class Starship

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Uploaded 27th Dec 2008 at 1:21 AM

This one is a TNG-era ship, one of the 3 ship classes that only made an appearance in the "graveyard" scene at the Battle of Wolf 359. Not a lot of information is available about it. The models used in the graveyard scene were kitbashes, that is new designed using existing model components. The Cheyenne class has the same primary hull as Galaxy or Nebula class starships, but has no engineering hull to speak of. It's a four-nacelled ship, but it uses a different warp coil structure than the Galaxy class. (it's assumed this spaceframe type was an earlier, less efficient design).

It's built of a 5x6 lot and comes mostly furnished for 184,000. This lot contains extensive furniture re-meshing, the files will overwrite existing versions (except the helm and conn consoles, I had to create new objects). It's amply furnished and perfect for a crew of 12-13.

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: 184,000

Custom Content by Me:
- 3rd Gen Galaxy Class Impulse Light
- Starfleet Biobed
- Cargo Cannisters
- Intrepid Class Cargo Pod- Table
- Cargo Pods- Deco
- Cheyenne Class Main Hull
- Cheyenne Class Nacelle Light
- Cargo Cube
- Defiant Class Warp Core
- Galaxy Class Conn Console
- Galaxy Class Duty Chair
- Galaxy Class Environment Console
- Galaxy Class Helm
- Galaxy Class Security Console
- Galaxy Class Tactical Console
- Holodeck Arch
- Invisible Computer for Consoles
- Invisible 1x1 table
- Jupiter Station 4x1 Science Table
- Observation Lounge Table
- Picard-type Dining Chair
- Sisko-type Coffee Table
- Sisko-style Desk
- Small Cargo Cannister- Deco
- Small Cargo Cannister
- Sovereign Class Engineering Console
- Starfleet Double Bed
- Starfleet Single Bed
- Transporter Console
- Transporter Pad Recolor
- Horgh'an Stereo

Custom Content Included:
- Invisible Tile by Frillen
- The Space Center by Olemantiker
- The Space Center by Olemantiker
- The Space Center by Olemantiker
- "Ascension V2" -by Targa by Targa
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- Microscope by crocobaura
- Sims2Germany Toilet Request by DJ_Mur3
- Finish Dining Table by Kate
- "Lune Attic" Bunsen Lamp by Kate
- "Lune Attic" Laboratory Decor by Kate
- "Lune Attic" Laboratory Decor by Kate
- "Scape" Armchair by Kate
- "Scape" Loveseat by Kate
- L9T Barely There Shower by lara9taylor
- Barely There Shower Recolor by lara9taylor
- Barely There Shower Recolor by lara9taylor
- Barely There Shower Recolor by lara9taylor
- "Lune Attic" Chess Table by Kate
- "Oxygen" Counter by Kate
- "Oxygen" Wall Mirror by Kate
- "Scape" Sofa by Kate
- by stephanie b. 2007  by StephSim
- Trek Holosuite Floor  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 80  by StephSim
- Modern Computer by waywardpixie
- SimCo Toledo Balance by HChangeri
- Transporter Pad by jasonduskey
- Trek Holosuite Wall  by StephSim
- StephSim's Star Trek Academy 56  by StephSim
- Starfleet Captains Chair by xanathon
- Captain's Chair Recolor by xanathon
- Model of the Delta Flyer (from Star Trek Voyager) by xanathon
- Xanathon HighTech Lightpanel Type "V" by xanathon
- main viewer by xanathon
- Starfleet Standard Issue Desk Computer by xanathon

Additional Credits:
Pictured but not included;
Wallwindows by Numenor:
Space Center Batteries by Olemantiker: Space Center Sliding Door and Cargo Zone 01 by
kai's Office Deco by me

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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