Aura Interior - 144 Harmonious Hues

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144 harmonious hues

wall coverings > paint
by reflects[at]

Aura Interior presents fool-proof color matching with the Similarity Color palette - harmonious hues that complement one another so coordinating colors is ensured.

Low-VOC, low-odor Aura paint lets Sims quickly move from painting a room to living in it, and is safer for Sims and their families, and the environment.

As an interior design student, I use this set (Affinity Colors by Benjamin Moore) A LOT for my projects because of how well everything always coordinates. There’s a cute trick to this deck – you can choose any three colors, and they’ll work together, no matter what! I wanted my Sims to have the same luxury in their homes

The original colors that these wallpapers are modeled after are viewable on the Benjamin Moore website. I cannot provide a direct link, but you can click > Affinity Colors on the left > See Affinity Colors on the upper right.

Each color comes with three type options – paint only (“Paint”), baseboard molding (“Base”), and baseboard & crown molding (“Crown”). These are available to download separately. All molding is white. (The project became too large once I started trying to do light and dark wood molding. I wanted just a set dark and light, but it was hard to come up with one that went well with all colors.)

This is ALL of the 144 hues that this line has. At first, I wasn’t going to do all of them. I thought some looked too similar. But then I realized that I shouldn’t decide what should or should not go into YOUR game, so I made it so that you have the choice of all 144 colors. With three molding choices each, there are a total of 432 paints!!!

In the future: I hope to build on this project. Alone, the base set of 432 took over two weeks on and off. Eventually, I’d like to do more with them, such as do groupings or sets, and do different molding colors and styles, etc.

As I have yet to actually figure out which colors I’d want to package together in “sets,” feel free to suggest some. Go to the website & throw together a group and let me know. I’ll zip ‘em up as quick as can be.

Download the attached file(s) (to the location of your choice). There are four - ALL, PAINT, BASE, and CROWN. Download ALL for all three types; download the others for individual types (or all three individuals if you have a slower connection).
Unzip and place in your Downloads folder. I recommend using Clean Installer to put anything into your game.

All files are labeled neatly (e.g. [email protected]_AuraInterior_Agave_Base; Agave being its color, and Base being its type) so that if you don’t like a particular color or type, you can easily remove it. (You can also download each type seperately.)

Paint – §1
Base – §3
Crown - §5

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When in doubt, contact me first. You may be surprised.

Benjamin Moore For the paint colors
Home Depot For the molding
HomeCrafterPlus For providing a tool to easily create wallpapers
SimPE We all know why SimPE’s awesome For providing a place to share my work