Open Ocean Flood Water

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The sand ground tile does not require any expansion packs. The water surface, on the other hand does.

Well, It's been a while since I last uploaded something to MTS2.

Originally, I was going to include this in a Deserted Island objects set, but it does have more than one use so I figured to make it a separate upload.

The purpose of the set is to create a deserted island atmosphere. There are 2 objects included here. Sand floor. Place this object on the lot and it will cover all of the neighborhood grass and roads. The second object is the water surface. It will LITERALLY flood the entire neighborhood.

The objects do have some basic instructions for the best effect.

Required Game Options

Your game options should pretty much look like this. Decorations and neighbors must be turned off. That way, you won't see a half submerged mansion right beside the island, nor will you see any street signs. Also, for the best effect, use the Driftwood neighborhood template. The reason? It is and almost entirely flat neighborhood. Therefore you will see no roads or land masses poking out of the water.

My suggestion is that you use the 60x60 lot size (the biggest lot size available) The reason is that a lot of space will be lost due to the water. That is mainly if you want a natural island shape.

For placing the 2 objects( this should be do-able without any cheats )
Go to one corner of the lot and raise the terrain by 2 clicks. After that, level out the entire lot. Place the sand and water objects on one edge of the lot. Preferably, on the side of the road. Your lot should be completely flooded now. After that, use the raise terrain tool and start sculpting your island. Add some sand around the edges of the island for a shoreline. Then just add some foliage and possibly a cabin.

You should have something that looks like a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Check out the screenshots.

Ok back to the package.
Your sims will be able to go into the water however you cannot command them to. This would be like a "out of bounds" effect. Usually, if they are performing an action that requires space, most likely, they will go into the water. ex: Waterbaloon Fight

Minor Issues

The only issues are that visitors and vehicles will appear in the water. The other issue is that in some places, the "Go here" command will be a bit more difficult to use. Just move your cursor over the area and click when the feet icon appear. The other way is to place rugs in certain places on the island for a 100% chance of using the command.

Well that was a mouth full. I hope you guys all enjoy this package. The deserted island set is coming soon!

Polygon Counts:
NOTE: For some reason or another, just now, my SimPE keeps crashing. So until i can fix the problem, these polygon counts are only estimates.


Sand Bottom: 12
Sea Water Flood Tile: around 25

Additional Credits:
Credits to... SimPE that's it =P