Sim 70's Animated Lava Lamp

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Uploaded 11th Jul 2010 at 11:09 AM · Updated 11th Jul 2010 at 5:05 AM by Astaroth600 : Fixed issues upon a moderator's request.

Note from the creator
This upload was meant to be a remake of one of my previous uploads, The Novelty Lamp Collection which was made in my really early days as a modder, and also an experiment. I wanted to try and create a liquid-like animated mesh using animated textures and alpha maps. It was tedious and painstaking work but the results sure were fruitful.

This, what I'm assuming, is the first time MTS2 has had a fully 3D lava lamp object uploaded, and it feels great to do so!

This Sims2 Lava lamp object has a total of 15 options for lava colours and 20 options for base colours. That's a grand total of 300 possible combos! Guaranteed to fit almost any room or style.

I've also included a few unique base recolours for added fun.

Here is a shot of the lamp in action.

As said, the lamp contains the following 15 recolours for lava

and the following 20 recolours for the base.
-Dark red
-Dark orange
-Dark yellow
-Dark green
-Dark cyan
-Dark blue
-Dark violet
-Dark pink
-Light red
-Light orange
-Light yellow
-Light green
-Light cyan
-Light blue
-Light violet
-Light pink


I would like to thank JWoods for his great tutorial on cell animation.

Polygon Counts:
Poly Counts
For individual subsets: -Base: 288
-Glass and lava: 1548

Total Count: 1836