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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2009 at 7:10 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2024 at 3:13 PM - Fixing grammar mistakes of younger me I can't stand anymore
This mod changes the original logic for choosing the final resting place for your Sims in case when they all die living in apartment or on residential lot.
Instead of choosing the lot semi-randomly game will instead prompt you to choose a lot with the lot select dialog similar to the one used if you would move graves by clicking on it.
This mod also fixes the issue if the target lot was in different sub-neighborhood the graves would have vanish.

Mod changes the BHAV of Grim Reaper NPC responsible for sending tombstones and it may be colliding with other mods modifying Grim's behavior (none was reported for the last 15 years)

Feel free to redistribute/modify/fix/incorporate to essential community made patches/do whatever you want to keep The Sims 2 alive.
I probably won't be making any further changes to the mod as it's proven stable for the last 15 years, thanks.

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