MoccaLatte a Basegame Duplex

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2009 at 12:06 AM
Updated: 14th Mar 2009 at 1:21 AM - Note: To use with seasons, put a new roof on the greenhouse.
Hi! This is my manor type duplex. Both appartments have four floors and they share the dining area and backyard. I know it´s a bit unusual to put a dining area as joined, but I wanted to make somenthing different and make sure sims don´t get lonely.

Now some basick info:

Lot size: 4x5
Prize: 251 240.

Floors: Four, if you include the floor with carage and foyer.
The appartment on the right has furnitures. Left side has not.

Rooms per appartment

-Bedrooms: Mastersuite + three smaller ones.
-Bathrooms: Three.
-Kitchen: One.
-Dining: One
-Livingroom: One.
-Walkin closets: Two.
-Special rooms: Carage, gym, library and a large hobbyroom.

(Plus there is also a swimmingpool and a greenhouse for your sims. The greenhouse will need a different roof if you have seasons. By the way I made a small picknick place by the pool. It´s hidden under the trees).

EP´s needed: None! This house was made with BGS.
SP´s needed: None!
CC´s needed: SimpleSpiralStairs by Marvine + the animation for them.

You can find the SpiralStairs from here:

P.S Because this house is so large I tested a copy of this in my game. No huge problems was found. There is some lag when you are entering in the lot. But none when you are playing. Largets number of sims at the same time in my test was six sims. (Dad, two children and their guests). I tested this house for about one simweek.

Copy of this lot was tested with:

AMD Athlon
Windows XP
1,66 GHz
768 MB of RAM

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 251240

Custom Content Included:
- Spiral Stairs - Railing - recolor by JLonier
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Spiral Stairs - Railing - Right turn by Marvine

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the BaseGameStarter.
Marvine for the SimpleSpiralStrairs.

...And ofcourse to people to gave me feedback while I was building this.
Big Llamahugs to: iLikePizza, Rosehill9991, Christine11778, Kittylynn74, whitewaterwood, mrputter and jon119.