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Cruise Terminal Set

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2009 at 9:26 AM

Cruise Ship Set.

Make your vacation places even more attractive with a cruise liner!
With this set of custom ‘hood decorations, you can add a cruise liner and cruise ship terminal to your town.

All main objects uses an extra large custom textures so use this set carefully if your computer isn’t strong enough.
I've set Night Life EP as required for using this decorations, but the idea is that you need at least one of any EPs installed, to have this decoration available from 'hood decorations menu.
But it is also highly recommended to have a Free Time EP installed, to be able to edit existing terrain, for better use of this set.

Just put all the *.package files from the zip to your ‘Downloads’ folder.

What’s inside:
The set contains 3 objects:

1. Cruise ship terminal building.
2. Cruise ship moorage.
3. Cruise ship itself

All objects can be found under ‘miscellaneous’ submenu of the neighborhood decorations menu.

Interesting fact:
Cruise liner model is based on a real life Queen Elizabeth 2 liner by Cunard


Polygon Counts:
Cruise ship moorage: 2054
Cruise Liner: 3796
Cruise ship terminal: 1078

Additional Credits:
As always, thank you my friends!