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Knock, Please: Default Replacement Wood Textures

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2009 at 4:23 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2009 at 4:35 AM
EA's wood textures are ugly. These are less ugly.

The main problem with EA's textures was an overzealous use of black, so that is mostly what I fixed. I also tweaked the highlight areas slightly when I felt it was needed. Plus, I've reduced the noise a little, so the grain looks less pixelated up close. In general I think they are far more useable than the dingy stuff EA gave us.

Pictures of each of the replacements are in the screenshots section. The upper left of each image shows the default colors, the lower right showcases how good they look in a variety of colors (including very pale shades!). The pics also give the file names and thumbnails of both the new woods and the woods being replaced, just in case you don't want all of them.

This replaces most but not all of the seamless woods. If I didn't change it it was because I either didn't think EA's attempt was bad enough, or I couldn't find the appropriate .dds (sigh). I do think I took care of the worst offenders, though.

Known Issues:

Patterns you have already placed will not be affected by these default replacements until you go into CAST and pick a new color. If you pick a new color then go back to the original color; sometimes it will revert back to the pre-replaced version of the pattern. This is less likely, but not entirely solved, if you delete your cache files.

When you place the pattern, it may show as the pre-replaced version; like above, changing the color will usually fix it.

Because the contrast has been reduced, these patterns may look a little flat with odd wood colors. If your sim trees regularly produce purple or blue wood, this replacement may not be for you.


To HP and Delphy for answering my questions.
To ThomasRiordan for his default replacement tutorial.