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Metallic String Bikini Set

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2010 at 2:09 PM
Updated: 11th Feb 2010 at 2:53 AM by BasTyra
UPDATE 11th Feb: Added another file, it includes Teen to Elder. So you can stick with the adults one or get this one, it's up to you.

Heya! After being inspired by Kiara24's creations, I decided to try and figure out how to make clothes shiny so I've started on a bikini set made for Young Adult, Adult and Elder.

As you can see I also edited the style a little so it's more of a string bikini and it's a bit smaller than the original. I think the butt-cracks aren't as obvious on other skins (I'm using Peggy's and they have a pretty high crack). I've included custom cas thumbnails for all the pieces of clothing for ease of use, you can see them all below.

I hope you like them!

(The two package files for the tops and bottoms are both in the rar file)

Additional Credits:
Ariadne, wearing Gold, has hair & Skins by Peggy, Eyeliner by Subaxi, Lipstick by Lemon, SoftGLO by KittyKlan, Glamour Brows by daluved1.

Sammi, wearing Silver, has hair by Raonjena, Eyebrows by Subaxi, Lashed by aarin, Lipstick by Arisuka, Skins by Peggy.

Jasmin, wearing Pink Mottled Leather, has hair by XM Sims, Skins by Peggy, Eyebrows by Nandonalt, Sparkling Eyes by Shady, Lipstick by Channy & Vivin, SoftGLO by KittyKlan.

Paris, wearing Blue Crosshatch, has hair & skins by Peggy, Eyebrows by Subaxi, SoftGLO by KittyKlan, Lipstick by Lemon.

All are wearing my eyeshadows.

Thanks to all the custom artists seen in my screenshots. <3

Thanks to Kiara24 for her inspirational clothing <3