Servo Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2010 at 7:44 PM
Updated: 12th Mar 2010 at 11:50 AM
Cross-posted from GOS, as I have not yet seen any other replacements:

Well, I made these basically to see whether it can be done. They are not completely finished, however, I do have the basics and I believe they can stand for themselves.

I chose to give the servos a humanoid, androgynous appearance (this works well since male and female servo use the same everyday mesh). The female has a soft touch of lipstick on her face.
For werewolf, vampire and witch states there are little 'stamps' on the back of their heads: a moon for werewolves, an ankh for vampires and a sun for witches.

- When first spawned your servos will use the Maxian shape. This is because the uninitialized servo uses its own objects mesh, which would require seperate modding.
- Your servos might look like their normal Maxian selves on load screen, after you moved them into a new lot.
- The glowball in their guts is still there.

Please note:

- There are no real formal meshes yet, as I could not come up with anything I really liked. Instead I added two placeholder meshes which look exactly like their everyday gear.
- Creators who would like to use my files as templates to make their own servos might be interested in the original thread at GOS for additional information:

Special thanks
go to Almighty Hat, who tested this for me, and the people at Garden of Shadows who offered me their input.

TOU: Please do not upload any of my creations to pay/donation/vip sites and refrain from using them in your own creations, if you plan to upload there.

Additional Credits:
- The skintone was made by Sherahbim, and only tweaked a little by me. All credit goes to her.
- The silvery spray on the female's lips was taken from a lipstick by ZombieJill. Again, I take no credits whatsoever.